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6 reasons to buy

  • Level of comfort: Numerous purchasers adore the plushness of the Salomon Tech Amphib 4 hiking shoe.
  • Fit: Many outdoorsy folks find the confines of this water shoe glove-like.
  • Grip: Its stickiness on wet surfaces is simply astonishing, based on several reports.
  • Drying: According to a small number of wearers, the Tech Amphib 4 dries quickly.
  • Heel zone: The collapsible heel of this Salomon piece is a neat feature, say a few buyers.
  • Design: A couple of patrons are impressed with the hiker’s posh aesthetics.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Longevity: The Tech Amphibian 4’s collapsible heel detaches from the sole easily, according to some owners.
  • Ventilation: To a few testers, this offering has subpar breathability compared with the previous model.
  • Lace length: Its laces could be shorter, less than a handful of adventurers say.

Bottom line

A water shoe that is this well-fitting and comfortable can only be referring to Salomon’s Tech Amphib 4. The moment you slip into it, you will experience the trail—whether dry or wet—like never before.

While this product is not perfect, it is up to par with some of the best hiking shoes in terms of water performance. Indeed, in wet and damp conditions, the Tech Amphib 4 really lives up to its name.

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User reviews:

Salomon Tech Amphib 4 updates

The Tech Amphib 4 is technically a refreshed version of the Techamphibian 4. While they have many similarities, the upgraded shoe one-ups the old model with the following:

  • Salomon’s Tech Amphib 4 is lighter than its former self by about 20 grams.
  • Its vent panels are more defined, resulting in better breathability.
  • The shoe in question is now partly made of recycled plastic bottles.

The things that make the Tech Amphib 4 a must-buy

Water hiking shoes have grown in numbers through the years, giving buyers more than enough options to choose from. That said, the Tech Amphib 4 has elements to it that make it a standout and a must-have. Here are some of them:

Collapsible heel. When this part is folded in, the Tech Amphib 4 becomes a sandal-like slip-on. Just be sure to pull it back up when you are leaving the shoe to dry.

Lace pocket. Its tongue has a sleeve where you can tuck the remainder of the Quicklace in for a safer trail ride.

Siping. This type of sole engineering enables the Salomon Tech Amphib 4 to catch a better grip on wet surfaces. A siped outsole functions the same way as a dog or a cat’s paw does.

How Tech Amphib 4 compares

This shoe: 77
All shoes average: 80
58 93
This shoe: £100
All shoes average: £130
£50 £230
This shoe: 286g
All shoes average: 393g
185g 660g
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