Our verdict


For quick adventures, the Speedcross Sandal is not a bad choice. Indeed, this piece from Salomon is as propelling as it is reassuring underfoot. Sadly, scratch-free and homey escapades might be a tall order in it. Perhaps its successor (if it ever sees the light of day) would be a far more recommendable gear?


  • Excellent surface grip
  • Amazing shock absorption
  • Great arch support


  • Subpar comfort
  • Ho-hum protection

Who should buy the Salomon Speedcross Sandal

The Salomon Speedcross Sandal might benefit you if:

  • You are looking for a hiking sandal that offers a surefooted experience in various surface conditions. 
  • A well-cushioned shoe to shield your lower extremities against fatigue and injuries is what you are after.
  • A shoe that offers lasting comfort throughout your hiking session is what you prefer.

Who should not buy the Salomon Speedcross Sandal

The Speedcross Sandal might not be for hikers who had some rubbing issues with other shoe models because according to a few owners of this Salomon pair, the sandal is too abrasive and blister-causing for having very little strap padding. Also, folks looking for a protective hiking companion will find this sandal lacking in that department. A couple of wearers said that the front lip of the Speedcross Sandal lacks protection. That said, they might want to have a look at other hiking sandals to find the most suitable pair.

Multisurface outsole grip

About a third of those who have thoroughly tested the Salomon Speedcross Sandal love its sticking prowess on various surfaces, including concrete and wet grass.

Springy heel 

The Speedcross Sandal provides amazing shock absorption which makes it ideal for aggressive heel-strikers.

Supportiveness of Salomon Speedcross Sandal

These hiking sandals by Salomon offer a kind of arch support that offers both comfort that lasts and a painless hiking experience even on extended trail pursuits.

Salomon Speedcross Sandal vs. Tech Sandal

In this sandal-centric head-to-head, the featured Salomon product sees a rival in the Tech Sandal. Check out the areas in which they differ below.


Between these two quality hiking sandals, the Tech Sandal is lighter by approximately 60 grams a pair.

Sole unit

The Speedcross Sandal comes with a heel brake, which its competitor lacks. And while both kicks are engineered with the same Contagrip outsole technology, the lugs on the Speedcross Sandal’s outsole have more depth to them.


If you are a fan of flip-flops, the Tech Sandal has to be on your radar because said hiker has a collapsible heel. This feature is not part of the Speedcross Sandal.


Neither the Salomon Speedcross Sandal nor the Tech Sandal falls in the realm of pricey gear. That said, the latter is cheaper by roughly $20. For more budget-friendly hiking sandals, click here.


For less demanding hikes, where going up or down elevations is hardly a thing, the Tech Sandal should be more than enough. The pricier Speedcross Sandal, however, is a commendable ally for endeavors where brawniness pays off more often than not.

Speedcross Sandal: Hikes minus the odor

The parts that come in contact with your skin—including the adjustable straps and the supple footbed—have undergone anti-odor treatment. They also wick away moisture (sweat in particular) that helps keep the sandal’s confines smelling fresh for longer.