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9 reasons to buy

  • Many runners loved the look and design of the 3rd version of the Salomon Speedcross.
  • The upper unit felt snug, but it didn’t strangle the foot; according the several testers, the fit was adequate.
  • It didn’t look bulky or overwhelming, which satisfied numerous trail runners.
  • The quick lacing system received a lot of praise because it allowed runners to adjust the fit quickly and easily.
  • Some consumers noted that the upper fabrics were able to stave off moisture satisfactorily.
  • The trail-optimized tread of the outsole unit provided reasonable grip on a variety of surfaces, according to trail runners.
  • The durability of this running shoe was commended by those who wrote that it stayed intact even after many off-road adventures.
  • Many reviewers wrote that the underfoot cushioning system of this version was reliable.
  • This shoe felt lightweight to a lot of consumers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Sections of the upper unit started to peel off, according to a tester; they wrote that it placed doubts when it comes to its overall durability.
  • The lacing system broke apart, reported a runner; they also added that putting on a new set of laces was difficult when it came to the Speedcross 3.
  • It felt narrow for a few runners.

Bottom line

The Salomon Speedcross 3 performed well, according to the comments of many runners. This trail shoe was able to take many testers on adventures and contests and they felt comfortable and secure while wearing it. They welcomed its trail-specific features because it allowed them to traverse different types of topography with ease. Contrarily, a few didn’t think that it was very durable and some felt that it was tight.

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Good to know

  • Traversing the trails is part of the main purposes of the 3rd iteration of the Salomon Speedcross. It’s a soft ground running shoe that’s made to cater to neutral runners. If runners want a reliable shoe for their off-road adventures and races, then this one is sure to deliver. Made from quality components, this shoe keeps the runner performing their best during their running sessions on the paths.
  • Anti-debris fabrics make the upper unit highly defensive against the potentially irritating and damaging objects that are found in the great outdoors. Dust, rocks and other trail debris won’t be able to enter the shoe because it’s closed construction keeps them at bay. Breathability is still part of its service. It’s also able to resist mild water infiltration, and provide anti-microbial properties to the interior chamber.
  • The underfoot cushioning system of the Salomon Speedcross 3 utilizes a full-length cushioning system that responsibly carries the foot and keeps it comfortable, especially when traversing uneven terrain. The platform is plush and responsive, and a compound found here is also specifically made to absorb impact forces when striking on the ground.
  • Multi-surface traction is afforded by the outsole unit of this running shoe, which is comprised of durable rubber and gripping lugs that face different directions. The sturdy nature of the rubber compound allows the outsole to shield the rest of the mid-sole from the damaging effects of surface friction and continued use. The gripping lugs deliver traction when tackling the uphill climbs and downhill traversals.

The Salomon Speedcross 3 is true to its size. It comes in sizes that adhere to the regular measurements for length. Men and women are going to be able to get the right one for them because of such a standard. The available width is medium, so it is able to welcome those who have medium sized feet. Runners are even able to fit well into it because it has a semi-curved or foot-like shape.

The outsole unit of this running shoe makes use of Mud and Snow Contagrip, a high quality compound that is able to protect the shoe from debris and abrasive surfaces. It doesn’t peel off easily, so it stays efficient even after many uses. Gripping lugs that face different directions allow the outsole to hold onto a variety of surfaces with ease. It is even able to hold onto mud and snow, and the runner won’t be worried about losing control or sliding from the ground. Surface control is attained.

Injected EVA and Molded EVA work to provide reliable underfoot cushioning to the wearer. It carries the foot well, keeping it well-cushioned during impact, preventing discomfort or uneasiness. It doesn’t have a stiff nature, thus allowing the foot to feel some springiness with each step. The LT Muscle is a lightweight unit that is meant to absorb the impact forces during the striking phase. Landing the foot on the ground becomes smoother, easier and less taxing to the wearer. The Ortholite sock liner adds a bit more cushioning to the immediate underfoot area. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-moisture properties, keeping the interior environment clean and healthy for the foot.

The Anti-Debris Mesh is an upper fabric that is made to shield the interior of the Salomon Speedcross 3 from the harmful nature of trail debris. Dust, small rocks and other object won’t get the chance to infiltrate the shoe, but the air is still allowed to enter, thus keeping it breathable. The textiles used here are also water-resistant. It is helpful when it comes to traversing wet surfaces and running under conditions that are damp. A dry interior keeps the foot safe from odor and the shoe free from excess weight caused by water. The Mud Guard that’s placed right at the base of the shoe keeps mud off, maintaining a clean and clear façade. The Quicklace system which is also present in the shoe's latest version, the Salomon Speedcross 5, does away with the tedium of tying shoelaces in knots that might even potentially be unraveled during the running sessions. One tug of the durable crisscrossing cable and the fit is immediately customized. The Sensifit overlay system is connected to the lacing system. When the shoelace is tightened or loosened, the upper also follows suit, thus delivering an easy-to-perceive snug coverage that’s also secure.

How Speedcross 3 compares

This shoe: 91
All shoes average: 82
55 94
This shoe: £130
All shoes average: £130
£60 £240
This shoe: 310g
All shoes average: 294g
142g 680g
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