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Let sluggishness be a thing of the past by sporting the featherweight Outpulse GTX. Engineered with an energy-conserving sole unit, this hiker from Salomon is as astonishing on shifting terrain as it is captivating where the bad weather rears its ugly head. Indeed, it's a pretty impressive trail shoe with excellent durability to match.


  • Incredibly plush all over
  • 10/10 grip level
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty
  • Incredible craftsmanship
  • Quite the looker


  • Can get stuffy
  • Pricier than most

Who should buy the Salomon Outpulse GTX

With its heel collar that mildly resembles a pointy elf ear, the Outpulse GTX is arguably among the most unique hiking shoes out there. Buy it if:

  • Gore-Tex hiking shoes that weigh less than 400 g apiece are what you've been looking for.
  • Staying nimble and dry is how you prefer to be on the trail.
  • You wish to perform bigger strides on flat terrain minus that blocky feeling around the heel.

Salomon Outpulse GTX buy

Who should not buy it

If you want something watertight AND breathable at the same time, opt for the Salomon OUTline GTX. Also, check out the Trailstorm Waterproof from Columbia if you want a budget-friendlier pair.

Salomon Outpulse GTX no

High comfort without the bulk

With remarks such as "very comfortable" and "I'm pleased with the lightness and comfortability of this shoe," it is pretty obvious that the Outpulse GTX is simultaneously light and comfy. And to paint a more vivid picture of its weightlessness, the featured shoe is 98 g lighter than what's considered light in hiking shoes (which is 450 g and below apiece).

Salomon Outpulse GTX comf

Fantastic in the grip department

Hikers are convinced that the Salomon Outpulse GTX has tons of stickiness to give. "Each step feels firm and grippy," says one of them. Another adventurer who went on a trip to Machu Picchu said that "these shoes performed magnificently on dry and wet rock."

Salomon Outpulse GTX grip

Salomon Outpulse GTX equals no wet feet

It's "my favorite PNW, wet weather shoe," says one of those who are very pleased with the Outpulse GTX's waterproofing. "My feet stayed dry," says another adventurer who got his shoe sunk over the toes in muddy water.

Salomon Outpulse GTX watera

Not the best for summer outings

There are those who are disappointed with the Salomon Outpulse GTX's lackluster breathability. "These don't breathe well," says one of them. "My feet were in a sauna" in this shoe, says another.

Salomon Outpulse GTX breathe

Outpulse GTX: Tough and well-built

"They've held up great," says a hiking enthusiast who has logged in over 50 miles in the Outpulse GTX. Another trail-goer, on the other hand, is more impressed with the kick's craftmanship, saying, "the shoe is superbly made."

Salomon Outpulse GTX tougha

Not really low-key price-wise

An experienced trail-goer says that the Salomon Outpulse GTX's price is "too much for what you get." That remark is not baseless, too, as the shoe in question (priced initially at $140) is $10 more expensive than the average.

Salomon Outpulse GTX expen

Make a statement in every pair

Several outdoorsy folks adore the pleasing aesthetics of the Salomon Outpulse GTX. Their appreciation of its poshness is reflected in the following remarks:

  • "Looks very good."
  • "They are beautiful."
  • "Perfect design."

Salomon Outpulse GTX looks

The Outpulse GTX's boot sibling

There's a mid-cut version of the featured shoe, and it's appropriately named Salomon Outpulse Mid GTX.

Salomon Outpulse GTX boot