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5 reasons to buy

  • Day-one comfort: Most of those who have tested the Salomon Outbound Prism GTX find the shoe comfy straight from the box.
  • Featherweight: It is among the exemplars of lightness, given its average weight not going over 650 grams a pair.
  • Spot-on sizing: Reports say that the Outbound Prism GTX runs true to size.
  • Durable: Despite its lightweight construction, this shoe is tough and can last for many months.
  • Attractive: Looks-wise, this outdoorsy piece from Salomon stands toe-to-toe with some of the most eye-catching sneakers on the market.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Unflattering heel: The Outbound Prism GTX, according to an experienced trail-goer, cannot deal with heel lift as it should.
  • Ventilation issues: This hiking shoe could be a bit more breathable.

Bottom line

Captivating on quick and easy hikes—this is quite a befitting description for the Outbound Prism GTX. A cunningly versatile piece, this Salomon shoe will take you through cityscapes and mildly rugged environs with brisk strides you never thought were possible. It is barely the perfect hiker, but for unplanned hikes that ideally last half a day, this should do it!

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Salomon Outbound Prism GTX vs. OUTbound GTX

Duking it out with the Outbound Prism GTX in this head-to-head is another Salomon piece—the OUTbound GTX. The things that set them apart are as follows:

Toe protection. Between the two urban hiking shoes, the OUTbound GTX has more upper protection, which comes in the form of a rubber rand on the forefoot. With it, you can be a bit less mindful of where you place your steps in the OUTbound GTX.

Eyelet count. The Outbound Prism GTX comes with five pairs of eyelets, as opposed to its rival’s four. The extra pair of eyelets that the featured shoe has equates to more lace-up and fit variety.

Access. The backrest of Outbound Prism GTX’s collar is noticeably raised. This design serves as the shoe’s pull tab, which makes getting into the shoe relatively easier.

Weight. While both hikers in this comparison are already quite light, the Outbound Prism GTX still beats the competition by a hair—about 10 grams lighter than the OUTbound GTX per pair.

Takeaway: If your light hikes turn for the rough occasionally, consider the OUTbound GTX. Otherwise, you might be better off with the streamlined Outbound Prism GTX and just keep to the well-maintained parts of the trail.


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