Who should buy the Salomon Odyssey Advanced

The Salomon Odyssey Advanced blurs the divide between chic, sporty sneakers and trail shoes. Buy it if:

  • You're looking for something that does wonders outside the trail.
  • Smoother-yet-grippy transitions on level terrain are what you're after.
  • You prefer urban trail kicks that provide extra underfoot support.

Who should NOT buy it

With no issues with its tongue length, the Flow District from Columbia might be your cup of tea. There are also no complaints about the laces of the Salomon Outbound Prism GTX, so check it out instead of the Odyssey Advanced.

Comfortable odyssey indeed

The Salomon Odyssey Advanced is lauded by many for having through-the-roof plushness. A professional reviewer among them says that it "provides a world of comfort." Another hiker says that it's "more comfortable than the previous iteration."

The wear-it-anywhere Salomon Odyssey Advanced

Trail-goers are floored by the versatility of this Salomon kick. "I work a lot in the field, and I love how they feel," says one of them. Another individual calls the Odyssey Advanced "amazing everyday shoe."

Something beastly underfoot

The featured Salomon hiker is adored by trail-goers for having an explosive sole unit. When it comes to grip, one reviewer says that it delivers a kind of performance "that should pleasantly surprise your feet."

Another tester calls their Odyssey Advanced a "comfortable shoe with the proper support." This tester is a manual worker who stays on his feet for the entirety of his 8-hour shift three times a week.

Not for hikers with ticklish lower legs

One of the criticisms surrounding the Salomon Odyssey Advanced is its lengthy tongue. A commenter says that "it touches skin if you're wearing low socks." It's his "only complaint," says he.

Odyssey Advanced equals glove-like

It's been reported that this Salomon offering has one-to-one sizing. Fit-wise, the Odyssey Advanced is also spot-on but with extra room around the forefoot that lets toes move and breathe a bit.

You'll bend multiple times to re-tie it

The Salomon Odyssey Advanced has shoestrings that loosen often. "The laces get undone a lot," says an experienced adventurer. The same reviewer also reminds people to tie them tightly or, better yet, finish the setup with a double knot.

Another stylish Salomon shoe

Hikers are mighty impressed with the featured hiking shoe when it comes to aesthetics. "Sturdy beauties"—this is how a non-professional reviewer describes the Odyssey Advanced. Another trail-goer says that the hiker's "style is super cool."