Our verdict


A fantastic entry to our selection of lightweight hiking shoes, the Amphib Bold 2—at no more than 450 grams a pair—can make manicured trails much easier. In this pair, boosted and confidence-inspiring steps are at your disposal, whether or not water is involved. Past its workable misfires, this speedy Salomon hiker is satisfyingly emboldening.


  • Featherweight
  • Supreme ventilation
  • Quick drying
  • Anti-odor interiors
  • Out-of-the-box comfort
  • Quick and easy lacing
  • Drop-in heel
  • Keeps debris away
  • Grippy outsole


  • Lacks durability
  • No lace pocket

Who should buy the Salomon Amphib Bold 2

This hiking shoe from Salomon is likely to meet your needs if you need:

  • a lightweight and versatile shoe for traveling in a warm climate
  • a well-ventilated and quick shoe for water sports and activities

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 Tongue

Super lightweight

The Amphib Bold 2 weighs 210 g per shoe while the average in its category of water hiking shoes is hovering at 285 g. According to the reviewers, the shoe is barely noticeable on the foot.

Because of that, this shoe is a very popular choice for traveling. It can seamlessly transition from the plane to the trail to a paddle board or even a coffee shop.

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 lightweight

Breathable and water-ready

With the shoe's nearly see-through mesh, the air easily passes through the upper keeping the foot fresh and well-vented. The Amphib Bold 2 lives up to its name based on the praises from the wearers:

  • "my feet stay cool in FL weather"
  • "keep my feet so much cooler than most shoes"

Even someone who stepped into mud up to their knees reports that the moisture drained quickly, as expected.

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 breathable

Anti-odor sockliner

The Amphib Bold 2 has a footbed that combats odor. This sockliner also proactively deals with moisture, so your tootsies can stay as fresh as possible, especially after traipsing through the water. According to the reviewers, it is both effective whether you are wearing socks or not.

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 anti odor

Amphib Bold 2 is grippy when wet

Climbing on wet surfaces is not a problem in this Salomon shoe.

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 Outsole

Instant comfort

No break-in needed. The shoe feels comfortable from the get go. Those who wore it for 3 miles straight from the box had no issues.

Salomon's speed lacing system

The shoe's bungee closure is very quick and easy to handle on the go, according to many reviewers.

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 quick lacing

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 has a drop-in heel

This hiking shoe from Salomon has a collapsible heel, transforming said hiker into a slip-on when folded in. It makes it even easier to get on and off.

Salomon Amphib Bold 2 drop in heel

Keeps debris out

There are no seams or gaps on both sides of the shoe’s tongue. This kind of construction blocks out debris and other foreign materials.

Could be a tad more hard-wearing

There have been multiple reports of the mesh wearing out prematurely as well as the material delaminating where the drop-in heel fold down. For a few, the shoe only served a few months before developing a hole or getting another major damage.