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The Kobra Mid 2 is a mid-top volleyball trainer with a low-profile sole unit. The collar is situated higher for better ankle hold. The top and the sole units have stabilization features that allow players to quickly stop or change directions without losing their balance. The underside is grippy to prevent the foot from sliding unintentionally. This trainer shares most of the features with its low-top counterpart, the Kobra 2. The only difference between the two is the construction of the upper.

Traction. A full-length rubber outsole makes up the bottom section of the Kobra Mid 2. It has the HexaGrip tread pattern at the forefoot which maximizes its grip on indoor court floors. The outsole wraps up the medial side to form the RollBar. It helps the foot turn inwards and assists in pushing off using the inside part of the foot. 

Steadiness. This Salming volleyball trainer has the TGS 62/75 feature. TGS, which stands for Torsion Guide System, is constructed to be flat from the heel to the ball of the foot, which is 62% of the outsole. The flat part stops at a furrow under the ball of the foot, which is angled at 75 degrees. This line is followed by other grooves that promote natural foot bending for a smooth toe-off.

Another component that steadies the foot is the Lateral Movement Stabilizer Plus or LMS+. It is found on the outer side of the outsole and wraps up to position the lateral side of the foot at a positive angle of 8°. This stance prevents the foot from rolling outwards.

Cushioning. The Salming Kobra Mid 2 employs two midsole layers: the SoftFOAM and the Recoil ERF. Both units are lightweight and function to reduce the force of impact from each foot landing. The SoftFOAM is engineered to be 75% better at shock attenuation than regular EVA foam. As for the Recoil ERF, which means Energy Rebound Foam, it has a higher bounce back than traditional foam.

Stability. The Lateral Movement Stabilizer, or LMS, is found under the arch. It is a dual torsion component that has been integrated into the midsole to prevent excessive twisting during quick and spontaneous lateral movements.

Comfort. The top of the Kobra Mid 2 is made up of multiple layers of mesh. These sheets are breathable, which ensures that the foot chamber is properly aerated. The innermost layer is smooth to prevent irritation of the skin. The middle layer is constructed to be supportive, while the topmost material protects the underlying fabrics against abrasion. The trainer also employs a gusset tongue that stays in place no matter how intense the game is.

Lockdown. Aside from the lacing system, there is also the Ergo Heel Cup at the back. It keeps the foot securely in place. Salming constructed it to be longer than the average heel cup. It prevents heel slippage while also keeping the rearfoot steady.

Fit. The mid-top silhouette employs a lightly padded collar and tongue that help with the snug ankle fit. At the midfoot of this volleyball shoe is the integrated ExoSkeleton. It amplifies the lateral support when the shoestrings are cinched. It also helps keep the foot steady during side-to-side movements.

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