Updates to Salewa Mountain Trainer

  • The Salewa Mountain Trainer that many alpinists loved years ago now comes in a Suede version with a more stylish look and powerful features. Chief among these are the Vibram Mountain Trainer Evo outsole designed for technical terrains and the TPU-injected midsole that is long-wearing and has superior shock absorption qualities.
  • This hiker also comes with a removable Ortholite for added cushion, comfort, and support, and a 360-degree full rubber rand that offers a ton of protection against wear and tear.

Size and fit

The Salewa Mountain Trainer men's shoes have a low-cut profile that promotes freedom of movement - an important quality of an approach shoe. It's suede upper conforms to the shape of the foot, giving a glove-like fit after some breaking in. Also, this shoe features the 3F System that connects the instep area with the sole and heel, therefore further enhancing the fit.

It has a climbing lacing system that provides a "wrapping fit" at the forefoot and is very secure. Plus, the 3D eyelets enable a customized three-zone lace tensioning in which the wearer can easily adjust the tightness around the forefoot differently from the midfoot.


Designed for some of the most challenging terrains, this shoe features the Vibram Mtn Trainer Evo - a self-cleaning outsole known for its superior grip and stability on difficult terrain. It features deep, aggressive lugs that offer a good grip on mud, rocks, soft grass, scree, and via ferratas. 

In the midfoot area is the Ferrata Zone characterized by right-angled lugs that work by maximizing the force applied to the foot. This special feature creates more grip on the rungs of via Ferrata ladders.


The Mountain Trainer features the Bilight midsole which offers long-wearing cushioning for the foot, along with shock absorption and rebound.

The Bilight midsole has a TPU injected construction that is ergonomically designed to cradle the foot and is mechanically inclined to bounce back when pressure is applied, like a spring. This provides more flexibility and cushioning when navigating steeper terrain.

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane - a type of plastic material that has many properties, including elasticity, oil, water and abrasion resistance, and transparency. While it's heavier than EVA, it is much more durable. It also retains its cushioning even with a long time of use.

On top of the midsole is an OrthoLite footbed that wicks moisture and keeps the foot cool.


This shoe has a suede upper with mesh lining for increased breathability. Since it doesn't have a waterproof inner lining, the Mountain Trainer is best worn in drier, warmer environments. 

The upper features a 360° rubber rand that protects the stitching around the upper and sole and provides additional friction for toe hooking. There's a Y-shaped synthetic overlay that provides additional support and reinforces the lacing system for a secure fit. Completing the upper is a lace-to-toe closure with 3D eyelets that allow for a customized fit.

Salewa Mountain Trainer vs Alp Trainer

Both designed for technical terrains, the Salewa Mountain Trainer and Alp Trainer feature quality construction and rugged functionalities for some of your toughest hikes. Which one is best for you? Check out these major differences:

Height. The Alp Trainer is a mid-cut boot which means it provides more support around the ankle than the Mountain Trainer. Mid-cut models are great for novice hikers as well as those who require more supportive footwear. Meanwhile, low-cut shoes like the Mountain Trainer is preferred by experienced hikers who have gotten very used to varying terrain. 

Waterproofing. The Alp Trainer is a Gore-tex boot which makes it ideal for hiking in wet conditions. Waterproof membranes can be a little warmer though. If taking short trips to difficult terrains in summer days, a low-cut, breathable shoe like the Mountain Trainer is a great choice.

Footbed. While the Mountainer Trainer comes with an Ortholite footbed, the Alp Trainer has the Multi-Fit Footbed (MFF) which consists of two layers of interchangeable layers that allow the wearer to achieve a customized fit. This removable insole is also treated for odor control.



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