Who should buy the Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX

In a nutshell, the Alp Trainer 2 GTX is a technical hiker for extended nature trips. Purchase it if:

  • You often negotiate cambered valleys and base-mountain terrain.
  • Hiking shoes that provide that extra bite on rocky descents are what you need.
  • You prefer backpacking shoes that have a bit of give underfoot.

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX buy

Who should not buy it

If you're looking for a far lighter pair, check out the Juxt from Vasque. And with zero fit issues, the La Sportiva Spire GTX is a great alternative to the Alp Trainer 2 GTX.

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX no

Magnetic on various surfaces

Based on many reviews, the Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX is quite tenacious. A professional blogger says that it's "grippy over a variety of terrain." An experienced hiker says that it provides "great grip in wet and muddy and rocky conditions." Its "traction is fantastic," says yet another trail-goer.

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX grip

Comfort that sticks with you

Reviewers find the Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX super-comfy right from the start. An expert among them says that it's "comfortable over long distances." A non-professional reviewer, on the other hand, says that the featured kick is "super comfortable from the first minute."

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX comf

No wetness in the Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX

In terms of waterproofing, this trekking shoe hits the mark. A long-time backpacker says that it's "definitely waterproof," shielding his feet from moisture in moderate rains and shallow creeks.

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX water

Quite clunky for a low-top shoe

There are those who are not fond of the 470-gram per-shoe weight of this Salewa trekking kick. One of them says that "the shoe feels bottom heavy," while another says that it's "not very light."

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX chunk

Alp Trainer 2 GTX: A great footing-preserver

With comments such as "protective and supportive" and "good lateral stability," the Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX takes your balance insecurities away. Yes, this low-top kick preserves your footing on considerably uneven surfaces.

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX stabsuppa

A showcase of premium workmanship

This beautifully designed trail-slash-trekking shoe from Salewa boasts an enviable finish, and reviewers agree. One of them says that it has "very good workmanship." Another trail enthusiast says, "they look well done."

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX worka

Flexible in the right spots

The Alp Trainer 2 GTX is neither too bendy nor too rigid. A trusted gear journo agrees, saying that the featured hiking shoe has "the right balance between flexibility and stiffness."

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX flex

Not for narrow-heeled hikers

It's been reported that the Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX feels a bit too roomy around the rear foot zone. A reviewer says that you need to tie the laces tighter just to get a semblance of heel security. In his own words, he says, "I feel sloppy when I try to be aggressive with these shoes on the trail."

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 GTX heel

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 16.6oz / Women 13.1oz
Base model: Salewa Alp Trainer 2
Use: Backpacking, Day Hiking
Cut: Low cut
Features: Lightweight / Lace-to-toe / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole / Heel brake
Waterproofing: Waterproof

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