Who should buy the Ryka Vida RZX

The Ryka Vida RZX was designed as a high-impact workout shoe. It is a solid option if:

  • You incorporate lots of dance movements into your exercise routine.
  • Your fitness regimen involves activities that require you to move in different directions. 

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Optimum grip

The rubber outsole of the Ryka Vida RZX protects the high-wear areas while delivering optimum grip and traction.

The pivot point at the ball of the foot assists the twists and turns during dance movements. It works together with the circled pattern on the outsole for a balance of grip and gliding.

Ryka Vida RZX Outsole

Extra cushioned heel

The RZX technology of this Ryka trainer makes use of two design elements: the RE-ZORB compound delivers extra cushioning for the heel during high-impact exercises.

Ryka Vida RZX Midsole Heel

Flexible forefoot

The Ultra Flex grooves accommodate the natural flexibility of the forefoot throughout the movement. The cushioning is further enhanced with the Anatomical Precise-Return footbed for maximum comfort.

Ryka Vida RZX Midsole Forefoot

Breathable upper

The Ryka Vida RZX uses a combination of textile and mesh to provide lightweight and breathable support. The synthetic overlays are placed on all sections of the shoe to offer a snug fit.

Ryka Vida RZX Upper2

Padded tongue

The tongue and collar are padded to prevent chafing and to deliver additional comfort.

Ryka Vida RZX Tongue and collar

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 227g
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal / Normal, Wide
Features: Lightweight
BRAND Brand: Ryka
Colorways: Black
SKUs: D1996M028 / D1996M101 / D1996M1BVI / D1996M1MMK / D1996M1MUF / D1996M4002 / D1996M5026 / D1996M5700 / D1996M6005

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