Who should buy the Ryka Hydrosphere

Designed to satisfy the needs of the aquafitness community, the Ryka Hydrosphere employs lightweight materials for cushioning. To assist in removing the water from the shoe, multiple drainage ports have been integrated into the shoe. The sole unit has a design that ensures that debris doesn’t get through the apertures. This offering from Ryka might benefit you if:

  • You are looking for a shoe that offers quick put-on and off-action. 
  • You prefer a pair that is not only remarkable in functionality as an aquafitness companion but outstanding in aesthetics too. 

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Sticky grip

The bottom of the Ryka Hydrosphere is lined with sticky rubber. It is meant to render grip on a variety of wet surfaces.

Ryka Hydrosphere Outsole1

Parting the rubber are the flex grooves. They make sure that the platform bends easily with the foot throughout the training session.

Ryka Hydrosphere Outsole2

The front portion of the rubber outsole extends up to cover the toes. It creates additional protection against bumps and abrasion in this part of the shoe.

Ryka Hydrosphere Outsole3

Cushioning and drainage system

The Hydrosphere employs the CMEVA foam for cushioning. It is made to be lightweight and pliable to accommodate active foot movements.

Ryka Hydrosphere Midsole1

Several large perforations are placed throughout the unit. They are part of the multi-port drainage system which helps in removing water from the foot chamber. 

Ryka Hydrosphere Midsole3

The Nitracel footbed is added on top of the midsole inside the shoe. It is perforated to assist the water drainage, but it is still made thick enough to prevent debris from getting inside the trainer.

Ryka Hydrosphere Interior

Pull tabs for easy wear

This Ryka trainer features a slip-on construction with pull tabs on the instep and the heel collar. It makes the process of putting on and removing the trainer fast and easy.

Ryka Hydrosphere Slip On2

The Ryka Hydrosphere's upper

A breathable knit material is used to deliver a sock-like fit. It holds the foot securely when the shoe is on but stretches easily whenever it is needed throughout the movement. The brand also claims this material to be quick-drying and resistant to damage from chlorinated water.

Ryka Hydrosphere Upper1

The upper is constructed with a round toe to offer extra space at the front. It allows the toes to splay and wiggle freely inside the shoe. 

Ryka Hydrosphere Upper2

Inside, the trainer is lined with soft fabric. It contributes to the comfort and prevents chafing.

Ryka Hydrosphere Slip On3

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 227g
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Features: Lightweight
BRAND Brand: Ryka
Colorways: Black / Pink
SKUs: F4328M1001 / F4328M1400 / F4328M1650

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