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7 reasons to buy

  • The Ryka Adel received a myriad of praises for being a comfortable all-around walking shoe.  
  • The footwear offered a cozy fit with ample room in the toe box, according to most buyers.
  • Many people lauded the fact that it was easy to slip on.
  • The affordable price tag attracted a lot of purchasers.
  • Some wearers appreciated the arch support provided by the shoe’s platform.
  • Several ladies mentioned that the outsole delivered traction on wet surfaces.
  • The shoe kept the foot warm during colder days, as stated by a few reviewers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some buyers did not find its design to be attractive; for them, it seemed bulky and made their foot look bigger.
  • A couple of wearers complained about the heel slipping out of the shoe.

Bottom line

The Ryka Adel proved to be a comfortable and supportive walking shoe for many female wearers. It was highly praised for its fit, slip-on style, inexpensive price, arch support, and traction. On the downside, not everyone was a fan of the shoe’s design. But overall, a considerable number of buyers still found it to be a solid choice for everyday walking demands.

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Good to know

  • The Ryka Adel is a footgear that can be used for regular and fitness walks as well as casual days like many of Ryka’s female-centric line of walking shoes. It has a slip-on construction that has a low-cut profile to allow for unhindered ankle mobility. The quilted nylon and microsuede upper sports a rounded toe for comfort and toe-splay room. Meanwhile, the interiors are lined with a furry teddy bear covering to keep the foot warm during cooler temperatures.
  • The underfoot is cushioned by the Anatomical Precise-Return insole. It is designed to align with the foot’s natural structure for even coverage of arch and heel support.
  • The EVA midsole underneath has a molded characteristic that supports every crevice of the foot. It also has a lightweight construction for soreness and fatigue reduction.

The Ryka Adel is made to suit the foot dimensions and biomechanics of the women. The fit of the brand’s footwear is meant to accommodate the ladies’ Q-angle, the anatomical connection between the knee and the hip. Thus, Ryka training shoes are intended to protect the outside of their feet as it is the area that receives the hardest impact. The model follows the standard US shoe sizing scheme, with measurements ranging from 6 to 12 and half sizes in between.  It is available in two width options, B - Medium and D - Wide.

The Ryka Adel has a bottom that is made of lightweight material. The key areas have been supplemented with rubber pieces to allow for a sticky grip on different types of surfaces. The forefoot area is etched with flex grooves to promote natural flexion.

The Ryka Adel can support the foot thoroughly thanks to its Anatomical Precise-Return insole. It is engineered to provide steadiness wherever the foot anatomically needs it, such as the arch and heel areas.

The EVA midsole serves as the main supportive component of the shoe. It has a lightweight nature that reduces fatigue and soreness in feet and legs.

The slip-on construction of the Ryka Adel paves the way for a simple wear-on and wear-off experience for busy people who are always on the go. On the other hand, its low-cut profile grants freedom of movement for the ankle.

The upper is created from quilted nylon and microsuede materials for plush comfort. It is cut into a rounded-toe style to give room for the natural toe-splaying and swelling that happens to our feet throughout the day.

An ultra-cozy teddy bear lining is brought into play to give a warm sensation in the foot chamber. It comes especially handy in colder temperatures.

A reflective screen print overlay can be found on the webbing. It is to keep the foot illuminated in low-light conditions.


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