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6 reasons to buy

  • Most buyers praise the Reebok Zig Kinetica as it delivers superb comfort. 
  • Several reviewers notice that this sneaker is crafted with high-quality materials.
  • Just like most sneakers made with mesh, many wearers love this pair’s excellent ventilation.
  • It is one of Reebok’s best sneaker designs, according to a handful of satisfied buyers.
  • Countless reviewers share that they use the RBK Zig Kinetica on various occasions, such as short-distance running, city strolling, quick errands, or while working. 
  • This sneaker is very durable, many users have said.

2 reasons not to buy

  • While most users consider the Reebok Zig Kinetica as true to size, a few find this pair a bit wider as compared to their other Reebok sneakers. 
  • A buyer complains that the sole of his sneaker has visible glue marks.

Bottom line

The Reebok Zig Kinetica boasts its seamless fusion of the past to the present. It has innovative technologies that were combined with the fashionable and cutting-edge style, making this a solid pair for any sneaker fanatic. 

Many raved for this model as it delivers superb comfort, durability, and versatility without the need to rip one’s pocket. This kick is most likely to fit as one’s everyday sneaker for almost any activity.

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Good to know

Although the low top Reebok Zig Kinetica is offered in men’s sizing, Reebok considers this as a unisex sneaker. It is made of a seamless, breathable mesh upper with a molded neoprene collar to deliver a supportive fit to its wearers. 

Just like the majority of laced sneakers, Reebok used flat cotton laces to allow its users to adjust the fit accordingly. These laces move through the slightly padded eyelets that will avoid any feeling of pressing down on the feet when the wearer tightens up the laces.

The midsole of this sneaker, meanwhile, is inserted with the Floatride Fuel technology, which provides responsiveness and springy cushioning for added overall comfort.

Inspired by outer space, the Reebok Zig Kinetica sneakers display kickass aesthetics combined with three technologies to amplify the wearer’s energy. This sneaker is dressed in a seamless mesh upper added with a neoprene collar for added comfort and style. 

Below the upper is the bold midsole that has exciting elements to look at. The zigzag design on the midsole provides bold aesthetics while maximizing the comfort and energy return to its wearers. 

Reebok offers this footwear in several colorways. The most popular hues are the black/sunbaked orange/vivid orange also known as the Conor McGregor Zig Kinetica, radiant red/sunbaked orange/black, grey/blue/yellow, white/true grey/white, true grey 1/vivid orange/fluid blue, and true grey 1/black. 

The Reebok Zig Kinetica sneakers exude an effortlessly cool vibe, making any attire look chill. Buyers may grab a pair of ripped skinny jeans with a plain t-shirt and a trucker cap for a relaxed ensemble. Some may also style their monochromatic tracksuit with this bold sneaker for a gym-ready outfit. 

For the ladies, RBK Zig Kinetica looks great on feet when paired up with shorts or mini skirts. Some may also use a pleated skirt with a sweater on top for a girly ensemble with hints of a sporty vibe. Mom’s jeans can also be matched up with this sneaker for an authentic retro attire.

What makes the Reebok Zig Kinetica style a real eye-catcher is its midsole pattern. The Floatride Fuel technology on its midsole is covered with the Zig Energy shell with a zigzag design. This bold detail enhances the stability and delivers maximized energy return to its wearers.

In 2010, Reebok launched the ZigPulse, an iteration that first bore the Zig Tech. This footwear set the standard for function and style, with its technology that is mainly designed to win the performance category. 

This technology was seen in several iterations and was revived in 2019 in the form of the Reebok Zig Kinetica Concept_Type 1. From running to boxing, countless names in the sports industry were seen wearing sporting this sneaker. Some of the world-class athletes who donned this kick are Peyton Manning, John Wall, and Amir Khar.

The latest variation to join the ZigTech arsenal was unveiled in 2020. It was dubbed as Reebok Zig Kinetica, which features a sleek and futuristic design with quality and comfort at par with other renowned sports-inspired footwear. 

This highly functional footwear features a distinct zigzag pattern on its sole. This element not just enhances the overall appeal of this model but delivers a high-energy return. The sole of this sneaker uses three systems, the Floatride Fuel that provides ample cushioning. Covering the Floatride Fuel is the Zig Energy Shell that adds bold aesthetic appeal. The last in the 3-part system is the Zig Energy Bands found on the outsole, which expands and contracts to give a spring-like response with every stride.

                 The Zig Kinetica

Reebok launched the Zig Kinetica in 2020, with the help of mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, during his exit in the UFC. With this pair’s introduction to the market, Reebok aims to cement the brand’s foot as one of the industry’s leaders in innovative and fashionable footwear brands.

The Reebok Zig Kinetica is meant to function as everyday footwear. It has a chunkier silhouette that is usually seen in most fitness sneakers. Considered as one of the best-looking footwear in the market, this sneaker features a breathable mesh upper resting on top of the striking and highly comfortable sole.

  • The Reebok Zig Kinetica for men and women has the Zig Energy Band on the rubber outsole. This technology expands and contracts when the wearer walks or run.
  • This mechanism gives a spring-like push forward to feel in every step that they take.
  • This sneaker is part of the “Sport the Unexpected” campaign of Reebok, which celebrates the risk-takers known to reshape the culture by being unexpected.


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