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7 reasons to buy

  • Flexible: The majority of Reebok Speed TR users applaud the model's excellent pliability, which makes it ideal for endless burpee sets.
  • Comfortable: Most reviews talk about the shoe's top-notch comfort.
  • Good looks: Many buyers praise the stunning look of this pair.
  • Quality: Several owners find this training shoe's materials and construction to be of excellent quality.
  • Performance: The Speed TR provides stability for squats and support for jumping and lateral movements, according to numerous users.
  • Affordable: A number of purchasers find this model to have great value for money.
  • Grip: It provides adequate traction for fast-paced moves, a couple of individuals say.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Toe protection: An individual warns that the shoe doesn't have enough toe reinforcements to protect from accidentally dropping weight equipment.

Bottom line

The Reebok Speed TR is designed to be a versatile footgear for training and speed work. The shoe's comfort, performance, style, and low price make it a good contender against the established Reebok Nano shoes.

If you need a cost-efficient shoe for speed work, cross-training, or agility training, the Speed TR is an excellent option.

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Reebok Speed TR: A versatile model that takes after the Nano but cheaper

When it comes to cross-training shoes, many individuals think of the Reebok Nano. But it's certainly not the sole model that the brand offers.

The Speed TR by Reebok is a training shoe designed for versatile performance. One that would function well in any type of WOD. In creating this model, the brand worked with leading athletes from around the world. The shoe is marketed to be mainly a shoe for speed style training.

Who is it for? This Reebok shoe is recommended for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for the following attributes in their pair:

  • Breathable construction
  • Impact-resistance and comfort
  • Stability for light lifting and squats
  • Traction for fast-changing workouts and handstand push-ups
  • Support for speed training, lateral movements, and jumps

Interesting fact

The Reebok Speed TR was Matt Fraser's footwear choice in the 2017-2018 regional competitions back when the guidelines prohibited and banned other CrossFit shoe brands. This fact could attest to the model's excellent performance.

How Speed TR compares

This shoe: 88
All shoes average: 84
68 95
This shoe: £90
All shoes average: £120
£90 £190
This shoe: 241g
All shoes average: 299g
195g 400g
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Nicholas Rizzo

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