Who should buy the Reebok Power Lite Mid

If you haven't noticed yet, the Power Lite Mid is a training shoe with a very niche market - individuals who love a zero drop shoe for performing power lifts. However, it can also benefit the following people:

  • Gym goers who would like to improve on their posture and overall body alignment while lifting
  • People who do CrossFit and want more stability
  • Everyday folks who are looking for a pair of zero drop shoes to wear casually

Who should not buy the Reebok Power Lite Mid

The expensive price tag of the Power Lite Mid could drive away wearers who are on a strict budget. Some commenters wished the shoe can be priced lower. Also, trainees who are after a shoe with classy appeal might not like the "silly and cheap-looking plasticky materials" of this Reebok pair. They can have a look at other Reebok training shoes instead.

The sustained comfort of the Reebok Power Lite Mid

The Power Lite Mid from Reebok is suitable for long workout sessions as many wearers find it impressively comfortable.

Generous in space

A lot of workout enthusiasts appreciate how they can splay their toes in these shoes, thanks to its roomy forefoot section. 

Outstanding stability

Most reviewers swear by the Power Lite Mid's performance during deadlifts and squats.

Feeling the ground

The Power Lite Mid provides the sensation of being connected to the ground. This specifically impressed Chuck Taylor fans.

For your nostalgia

Several fitness enthusiasts especially love the pair's retro mid-top design.

Supportive rearfoot section

The shoe utilizes a cushioned collar to provide comfort and reinforcements to the ankle.

Reliable underside grip

The outsole of this Reebok training shoe can bite the ground well and keep the wearer surefooted.


The Reebok Power Lite Mid can hold up well against daily dynamic gym sessions.

Experience clean deadlifts and squats with the Reebok Power Lite Mid

The Reebok Power Mid Lit has been around for quite some time now and has amassed a loyal cult following. It is especially noted for its ground contact, wide toebox, retro looks, and flat soles.

Apart from color options and design, Reebok introduced the shoe in different upper materials such as canvas, leather, and suede. For the 2021 version, the upper uses a combination of jacquard and suede materials.

What makes it stable?

Several features work together in this shoe to provide that essential stability.

  • A TPU heel clip that cradles the heel and improves rear foot stability
  • A flat, grippy outsole provides ground contact and bites onto the ground
  • Lace-up lockdown and supportive leather upper to keep the foot in place

Facts / Specs

Drop: Men 0mm
Use: Weightlifting, Powerlifting / Gym
Width: Normal
Features: Low drop
BRAND Brand: Reebok
Toebox: Medium

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Nicholas Rizzo
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