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5 reasons to buy

  • For a weightlifting shoe, the Reebok Legacy Lifter Flexweave is comfortable to wear, says a vast majority of reviewers.
  • According to many weightlifting aficionados, the flat base combined with the secure upper fit, makes them feel very stable.
  • A lot of owners have shared that the heel height allowed them to squat deeper.
  • A good number of individuals appreciate the Flexweave top as it makes the shoe more flexible than the original Lifter.
  • Tons of folks love the look of the Legacy Lifter Flexweave.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some people who are not accustomed to wearing weightlifting shoes found this model heavy.
  • A few users have commented that the straps lose their adhesion when used on a regular basis.

Bottom line

The Reebok Legacy Lifter Flexweave is the updated version of the brand's flagship weight training shoes. This Reebok weight training shoe features a Flexweave upper, which gives the footgear more flexibility at the forefoot area while retaining the stability at the heel.

It comes highly recommended for people who do power- and weightlifting. But be advised that it's not meant as an all-around gym shoe. 

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Good to know

The Legacy Lifter Flexweave is a collaboration between Reebok and Whatever It Takes (WIT) Fitness, the UK's first functional fitness concept store. Like the original Legacy Lifter, it’s got everything one would expect from a professional weightlifting shoe:

  • A flat base with a hard-wearing rubber outsole
  • A sturdy TPU wedge with the heel height of 22 mm (0.86 inches)
  • A supportive leather upper with two adjustable Velcro straps

The major update in this version of the Legacy Lifter is the use of the Flexweave upper. This material is already known to Reebok's fans through the brand's top cross-trainers like the Nano 9. This proprietary fabric has been highly praised for mixing flexibility, breathability, and resilience. Used in CrossFit shoes, Flexweave undergoes constant rubbing against the ropes and other equipment and yet its durability has received mostly positive feedback.

The addition of the material to the vamp and toe box of the Reebok Legacy Lifter is meant to add a few benefits to the shoe:

  • Make the forefoot a bit more flexible. There has been a tendency to make weightlifting shoes a bit more pliable in the front to improve comfort and ground feel;
  • Increase overall breathability. It's quite common for lifters to get toasty especially when they employ a full-leather upper;
  • Improve comfort. The Flexweave is described to create a more form-fitting coverage which may give more comfort than the traditional leather material. 

The high abrasion rubber on the outsole of the Reebok Legacy Lifter Flexweave is utilized to offer a durable and grippy platform. The footprint of the shoe is designed to be flat and wide. Such disposition helps in creating a stable base for landing at the bottom of a squat.

The heel part of the midsole is made of hard TPU. It is a non-compressible material that provides sturdiness and resilience to abrasion. It has replaced wood as a new standard for weightlifting shoes due to its lighter weight and better durability.

The Legacy Lifter Flexweave features a removable insole. It is meant to provide a bit of arch support for a more secure fit.

The shoe features an Ortholite Antimicrobial Sockliner. It works together with the anti-microbial lining to wick away any moisture and eliminate the chance of bacteria buildup.

What sets this model apart from the original Legacy Lifter is the material used for the upper. The previous model uses leather in 75% of the top. Meanwhile, the Reebok Legacy Lifter Flexweave, as written in the name, uses the Fexweave material. This woven textile mixes support and comfort. It allows air to come in while also delivering targeted support. 

The heel of the trainer is embraced by the Exoframe TPU strap. It serves to give the rearfoot added support and steadiness during lifts.

The Reebok Legacy Lifter Flexweave utilizes the Flexcage technology in the form of two Velcro straps for enhanced lateral support. The upper strap goes across the midfoot, while the lower one is placed just above the toes. Such a system ensures full security for the foot while allowing the athlete to adjust tightness according to their preference.

The upper strap has a Velcro-free gap in the middle. The shoelaces can be placed in this section without being ruined by the Velcro.

How Legacy Lifter Flexweave compares

This shoe: 93
All shoes average: 87
78 93
This shoe: £190
All shoes average: £170
£100 £220
This shoe: 575.5g
All shoes average: 446g
335g 575.5g
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