Who should buy the Reebok Guresu 2.0

As a revamped version of the Guresu 1.0, the Reebok Guresu 2.0 is made available to provide fitness enthusiasts with a training shoe suitable for various workouts. It is a solid prospect if:

  • You are into one or more of the following fitness programs: dance-based workouts, HIIT, kickboxing, and other types of gym exercises. The shoe is also highly suitable for casual walking.
  • You are looking for a trainer appropriate for humid environments by keeping your feet cool and free from sweat.
  • You are on a budget and are after an affordable pair yet provide great quality. 
  • You suffer from foot, leg, and back problems and are looking for a shoe that accommodates doctor-prescribed heel inserts.

Reebok Guresu 2.0 Logo1

Updates to the Reebok Guresu 2.0

  • This iteration utilizes neoprene textile for its upper aimed to provide comfort and an easy slip-on and off experience.
  • The midfoot wrap system has been made sleeker by removing the strap to maintain the lightweight nature of the footwear.

Reebok Guresu 2.0 Updates

Indoor surface traction

The bottom of the Reebok Guresu 2.0 uses a rubber material to shield the footgear from damage. It also offers traction on different types of indoor surfaces, whether smooth or rough.

Reebok Guresu 2.0 Outsole1

The Turnzone pivot point is utilized in the inner corner. It allows for smoother and seamless twisting, turning, and other 360-degree movements. It prevents straining of the hips and knees caused by too much traction.

Reebok Guresu 2.0 Outsole2

Lightweight responsive midsole

This Reebok workout shoe employs the AstroRide foam technology. It has a lightweight form that is meant to deliver responsiveness which helps propel the foot to the next motion. It results in easier and faster movements and transitions.

Reebok Guresu 2.0 Midsole1

An Ortholite foam sockliner cradles the foot for comfort. It is also removable to accommodate custom orthotics.

Reebok Guresu 2.0 Ortholite Foam Sockliner

The Reebok Guresu 2.0's upper

Neoprene aims to make the Reebok Guresu 2.0 a comfortable and well-fitting athletic trainer. It has a seamless construction to maintain its lightweight nature. This material is also stretchy to make it easy to slip in and out of the footwear. It is fashioned into a mid-cut cleatie design for ankle support.

Reebok Guresu 2.0 Upper1

Anti-wobble lateral stabilizer

The Gore support wraps around the heel and midfoot areas to reinforce them. It serves as the rear and lateral stabilizer to prevent wobbling and heel slippage. It also enhances the durability of the upper.

Reebok Guresu 2.0 Lateral Stabilizer3

Customizable lacing system

The model has a traditional lace-up closure that interweaves with the Gore support. It lets the wearer adjust the fit according to their preferences while also enhancing the lateral support.

Reebok Guresu 2.0 Lacing System

The Reebok Guresu 2.0's rearfoot section

Pull tabs are sewn into the collar and the apex. They make pulling on and off the footgear simpler.

Reebok Guresu 2.0 Pull Tabs

Facts / Specs

Weight: Women 7oz
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Features: Lightweight
BRAND Brand: Reebok
Colorways: Black / White / Pink
SKUs: CN2479 / CN2833 / CN5055 / CN6615 / CN6619 / CN6620 / DV7291 / DV9077 / DV9079 / KXY57

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