Who should buy the Reebok Flashfilm Train 2

The Flashfilm Train 2 from Reebok is a solid training companion for active workouts for those who:

Reebok Flashfilm Train 2 logo

Lots of comfort for training and walking 

Countless reviewers agree that the Reebok Flashfilm Train 2 is indeed an impeccably comfortable shoe.

Reebok Flashfilm Train 2 comfort

Eye-catching design

Its stylish design attracts a majority of shoppers.

Reebok Flashfilm Train 2 style

Quality construction

Plenty of owners find this training shoe's materials and construction to be well-made.

Reebok Flashfilm Train 2 grip

Flashfilm Train 2 is reasonably priced

 The Flashfilm Train 2 is reasonably priced and has excellent value for money, according to many buyers.

Reebok Flashfilm Train 2 construction

Great performance at the gym

A number of fitness enthusiasts swear by this Reebok shoe's efficiency during workouts.

Reebok Flashfilm Train 2 cushion

Flashfilm Train 2's bootie upper is an apple of discord

Some wearers appreciate that the one-piece upper design prevents tongue sliding and lessens chafing caused by seams.

Reebok Flashfilm Train 2 bootie

Numerous individuals find the shoe's opening too narrow that it makes putting on a bit challenging.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 311g
Use: Workout, HIIT / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Features: Slip On
BRAND Brand: Reebok
Toebox: Medium
Colorways: Black / White

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Nicholas Rizzo
Nicholas Rizzo

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