Updates to Reebok Flashfilm 2.0

  • The Reebok Flashfilm 2.0 is an improved road running shoe that provides outstanding support and comfort for everyday wear. This running gear is updated with a two-tone mesh upper that provides a stylish and clean look to the shoe. 
  • The Die-Cut EVA sockliner is another important update that improves the overall cushioning system of the Reebok Flashfilm 2.0. It offers adequate support to prevent muscle or foot injuries while running or exercising. 
  • This running companion now uses a unique clam-shell tongue, providing a snugger fit and preventing the heel from slipping out the shoe.

Size and fit

The Reebok Flashfilm 2.0 was designed using the standard running shoe measurements when it comes to its length. The addition of the sockliner and clam-shell tongue construction provide a more comfortable feel. The shoe’s lacing system also allows for a customized fit. Runners are welcome to get a pair in their usual sizing expectations, though it is advisable to fit the shoe first or check the general feedback about the shoe’s sizing to ensure perfect feet. 


The outsole section of the Reebok Flashfilm 2.0 utilizes a lightweight rubber material, which aims to provide reliable traction on varied surfaces. This outsole material makes the shoe flexible and responsive to the foot without sacrificing cushioning and durability. It also provides reliable traction on various surfaces. 

The rubber outsole features an impressive lug pattern that enhances the shoe’s gripping ability in wet conditions. 


Reebok Flashfilm 2.0’s midsole is wrapped in Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) film for a bolder look. The TPU is a unique component, making the midsole super soft and elastic. It is resistant to abrasion, oil, grease and wear-and-tear. Some shoes like the Merrell Trail Glove 5 use the TPU as an overlay for added protection. 

The FlashFilm technology is integrated into the midsole of this Reebok running shoe to make the platform more responsive to the foot. This component also enhances the shoe’s sidewall aesthetics. 

The Die-Cut EVA sockliner in the midsole unit of Reebok Flashfilm 2.0 is a cushy yet supportive foam material. This sockliner offers great arch support and protection from impact causing muscle pains and foot injuries. It is a highly durable material that is designed to withstand strong forces. 


The Reebok Flashfilm 2.0 features a two-tone mesh upper that provides a cleaner and more stylish look to the shoe. The mesh upper material not only offers breathability but also improves the shoe’s structural durability. 

This running companion also uses the unique clam-shell tongue construction, which provides additional comfort and improves the shoe’s overall look. 


The current trend of Reebok Flashfilm 2.0.
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Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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