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5 reasons to buy

  • Plenty of the reviewers deemed the Reebok CrossFit Transition to be an ideal weightlifting shoe due to its sturdy base that did not compress despite heavy loads.
  • It was praised for its versatility to keep up with various exercises by many buyers.
  • Various individuals were impressed by the comfort that the footgear provided.
  • Wide-footed people appreciated the extra width of the trainer.
  • Several consumers conceded that it looked nice despite its unusual appearance.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The footgear’s wide fit was the chief complaint of the majority of the critics; they felt their feet sliding around inside the shoe.
  • A large number of users griped about the unconventional design and limited colorways of the footwear.

Bottom line

The Reebok CrossFit Transition managed to meet the expectations of the purchasers. They considered it as a comfortable weightlifting trainer that was versatile enough to be used for other WOD exercises as well. Its wide fit was a double-edged sword for wearers, however.  There were some who appreciated it and others who didn’t. Its offbeat aesthetics was also criticized. In conclusion, this model was reckoned to be tough yet well-rounded to face the physical challenges of CrossFit head on.

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Good to know

- The Reebok CrossFit Transition is a hybrid CrossFit and weightlifting model that is claimed by the brand to have the needed stability for heavy weightlifting while being lightweight and flexible to keep up with high-intensity exercises. It has a low-cut profile to promote ankle mobility. 

- The midsole has been textured with extra lugs for additional traction. It contributes to the athletic performance during handstand pushups and rope climbs.

- A hook-and-loop strap mechanism maintains the snug fit of the trainer. It prevents the foot from moving around inside the foot chamber.

- The outsole is patterned with meta-split diamond-shaped lugs. It makes the bottom have a strong grip on the surface while weightlifting.

The Reebok CrossFit Transition has versions created for men and women. It follows the standard US training shoe sizing scheme. It is available in only the Medium width profile for both sexes, D - Medium for men and B - Medium for women.

The Reebok CrossFit Transition has a bottom that is lined with rubber for traction on a diverse range of indoor surfaces. It establishes a strong foothold despite explosive and dynamic movements.

For additional grip, meta-split diamond-shaped lugs have been added. The forefoot is also made to be more flexible than the rest of the outsole to promote natural foot flexion. 

The trainer inherits the Rope Pro technology from Reebok CrossFit shoes. This rubber compound is attached to the medial side to protect the footgear from being damaged during rope-climbing activities.

The insole of the Reebok CrossFit Transition keeps the sole of the feet comfortable. It is cushioned to protect the foot from impact and provide a pleasant underfoot feel.

The external surface is dotted with lugs for traction. It is meant to help the wearer during handstand pushups and rope climbing exercises.

The Reebok CrossFit Transition has a low-cut design to give freedom of movement. It employs mesh to allow air to circulate within the foot chamber. It is also a flexible material that lets the foot move unencumbered.

This footwear uses two closure mechanisms for a snug and secure fit. First, it is clinched by a traditional lacing system. Atop it is a hook-and-loop strap that is fastened across the instep for extra tightness.

Rigid TPU plastic clips are installed on the medial and rear parts of the heel. They keep the foot in place and prevent accidental heel slippage.

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