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6 reasons to buy

  • The Reebok CrossFit Nano Pump Fusion held up well for various CrossFit WODs, cardio training, short runs, and gym sessions, as stated by most testers.
  • A lot of wearers lauded the shoe for its comfortable footbed.
  • A light, yet sturdy material of the upper unit gained the favor of many users.
  • The Pump technology was welcomed by some athletes; apparently, it allowed them to customize the fit precisely to their preference.
  • A handful of reviewers took note of the excellent grip of the outsole.
  • Some buyers found the style of the shoe to be clean and modern.

5 reasons not to buy

  • A considerable number of wearers complained that the tight cleatie construction of the upper required a lot of effort to put on the shoe.
  • Many purchasers experienced inconsistencies in the sizing scheme; the shoe ran either longer or shorter than they expected.  
  • Some users found the Pump technology to be a gimmick; apparently, they didn’t even need to use it to get the right fit.
  • A few athletes reported that the Pump deflated during the workout; moreover, it flattened to a different extent in each shoe, making the fit uncomfortably uneven.
  • Several buyers thought that the product was overpriced.

Bottom line

The Reebok CrossFit Nano Pump Fusion was welcomed by a large number of cross-training aficionados. The style, the traction, and the fit were touted as agreeable assets of the trainer. However, the Pump technology was unhelpful in achieving the right fit for some users. Other gripes included the tight opening and inconsistent sizing scheme. Overall, CrossFit aficionadoes were pretty satisfied with this trainer.

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Good to know

- The Nano Pump Fusion was created with rigorous CrossFit WODs in mind. Its design pulls cues from the Reebok Nano series, blending it with the brand’s proprietary Pump technology. The Pump features a small inflation device that pumps air into a distinct bladder in the ankle area for a customized fit.

- The foot is wrapped in the Kevlar-infused fusion fit sleeve, which prevents chafing inside the shoe and provides abrasion-resistant coverage on the outside.

- A low-profile platform with a 5-mm drop provides a more grounded and stable foot disposition during lateral moves and weightlifting.

- The carbon rubber RopePro compound in the midsection delivers grip and protection during rope climbing.

The Reebok CrossFit Nano Pump Fusion can be found in both men’s and women’s versions. Both are offered in full and half sizes. The product follows standard training shoe measurements regarding length. The widths are D – Medium for men and in B – Medium for women.

The use of the Pump Air Cage in the helps athletes in achieving the optimum fit. By pressing the “pump” button, a wearer can regulate the amount of air in an inflatable chamber inside the shoe. It inflates to provide a lockdown fit in the ankle area. The toe box was designed to be flexible and spacious, allowing natural toe-splay during weightlifting and jumping. Because of the shoe’s unique construction, it is advisable to try it at a local store before purchasing.

The CrossFit Nano Pump Fusion features a rubber outsole with raised lugs to offer traction on a variety of surfaces.

The abrasion-resistant RopePro compound wraps the medial side of the sole for additional protection during rope climbing. It is made of the durable carbon rubber which “bites” the rope on the ascent and guards the platform against friction on the descent.

The MetaSplit expansion grooves in the forefoot section allow the sole to bend in multiple directions. It accommodates natural toe-splay, which is essential in maintaining stability during weightlifting.

The Reebok CrossFit Nano Pump Fusion employs the CMEVA (Compression-molded EVA) foam midsole. Its rebound property serves to deliver responsive cushioning and impact attenuation.

A one-piece cleatie construction of the CrossFit Nano Pump Fusion aims to offer a snug, sock-like fit.

A Kevlar-infused fusion fit sleeve wraps the foot, providing irritation-free coverage and protection against abrasion.

The upper also receives its structure from a synthetic, Kevlar-infused shell. It is placed around the toe box and on the midfoot for 360-degree durability. It features open mesh to retain breathability.

The trainer makes use of the proprietary Pump technology. It features an inflation device near the heel that pumps air into an inflatable unit inside the shoe. The volume of the bladder is regulated to provide a comfortable, lockdown fit in the ankle area.

This unique feature has also been used in some of the brand's basketball and running footwear. It can also be seen on the iconic, basketball-inspired sneaked=r called the Reebok Pump Omni Lite.


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