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3 reasons to buy

  • A lot of fitness enthusiasts recommended it for CrossFit or weightlifting because they found the platform to be stable.
  • The roomy forefoot yet snug heel resonated well with plenty of owners.
  • Multiple people stated that the outsole offered adequate traction.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A majority of consumers found the CrossFit Nano 7 uncomfortable and caused blisters for some because of its overall stiffness.
  • A significant number of testers noted that it was expensive considering how easy the upper shredded during rope climbs.

Bottom line

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 received a mixed reaction from the reviewers. While some people found it sturdy enough for cross-training, others were not happy with its overall comfort and durability. Thus, a good number of users recommended going with the shoe's succeeding model, the Nano 8 Flexweave

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Good to know

The CrossFit Nano series caters to people who participate in intense workouts such as plyometrics, weightlifting, rope climbing and all the other grueling routines included in CrossFit Workouts of the Day (WODs).

The CrossFit Nano 7 features a crystallized rubber outsole. Straining natural rubber forms crystallites that go in the tensile direction of the rubber which increases its ability to be stretched out. The resulting material is more durable than typical rubber and has a longer lifespan.

Metasplit is made up of flex grooves that align with the metatarsals of the foot. This structure promotes proper flexion as well as supports multidirectional movements.

The tread pattern on the outsole increases the surface area which results in better traction.

The medial and lateral sides feature ridges that help during rope climbs. The horizontal markings hold onto the rope, preventing slipping and allowing quick ascents.

The CrossFit Nano 7 uses a compression molded ethylene-vinyl acetate midsole. CMEVA starts off as a block of EVA that’s placed in a mold. The foam undergoes a process of heat and pressure application to allow it to take the shape of the cast. The material does not shrink or expand when the molding frame is released. By itself, CMEVA is lightweight, resilient, and shock-absorbent.

A 360-degree polyurethane wrap reinforces the CMEVA foam. This dense material provides stability, especially during side-to-side movements. It also protects the midsole from abrasion during rope climbs.

The Ortholite sock liner is made from the combination of PU and recycled rubber. This lightweight material does not compress too much, making it an efficient platform to absorb shock. It is also breathable and has a moisture wicking property to keep the foot fresh.

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 features a low-cut design that allows the ankle to be free to move.

The NanoWeave is a breathable material. A plastic weave makes up the majority of the upper. It heightens durability while also contributing to the stiffness of the façade.

A traditional lace-up closure is used in this shoe, offering a secure yet customizable coverage for the foot. The flat laces that pass through a small slot on the tongue to prevent it from sliding to sides or bunching up while in use.

The tongue and collar are both lightly padded to keep the foot comfortable. These structures also make sure that the foot is locked in place and away from accidental shoe-removals.

Thermoplastic polyurethane comprises the heel wrap. It cups the heel and anchors it to the midsole. It keeps the foot stable during workouts.

RopeTec, a rubberized overlay found in the midfoot area, offers traction during rope climbing activities, making it easier for the wearer to climb up. It also serves to protect the NanoWeave from abrasion during said activity.

How CrossFit Nano 7 compares

This shoe: 82
All shoes average: 84
68 95
This shoe: £130
All shoes average: £120
£90 £190
This shoe: 369g
All shoes average: 301g
195g 400g
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