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The Reebok Aztrek returns from the 90s, delighting old school fans and new fans alike. It’s got the perfect style of being sporty, something that many approve of without it being too overwhelmingly so. Among the Aztrek collection, it is a versatile shoe of good quality that provides the right amount of comfort.


  • Well-fitting
  • Offers lasting comfort
  • Appealing retro style
  • Versatile
  • Well-constructed
  • Improves outfit
  • Compliment magnet


  • Stain catcher
  • A bit heavy

Who should buy the Reebok Aztrek

The Reebok Aztrek might be for you if:

  • You are looking for a shoe that offers a well-fitting experience.
  • A sneaker that could stay comfortable from sunrise to sundown is what you prefer. 
  • You love wearing shoes that could satisfy your nostalgia with their vintage appeal.

Reebok Aztrek Logo 

Who should not buy the Reebok Aztrek

Take the Reebok Aztrek off your wish list if a shoe that could stay immaculately clean for a long time is what you prefer. The Reebok BB 4000 might do the job. Furthermore, folks in search of a shoe that would not weigh their feet down may also have to look elsewhere. The Zig Dynamica is a solid substitute for this shoe.

Reebok Aztrek Not Buy1

The cozy fit of the Reebok Aztrek 

The Reebok Aztrek utilizes a suede and textile upper that lends a hand in the sneaker being snug but not too snug. There is room for the foot to breathe while ensuring comfy wear. Laces are also available for a custom fit. With all that being said, this low-top sneaker has been lauded to be a very comfortable pair of kicks by almost all reviewers.

Reebok Aztrek Fit

Sustained comfiness

The Aztrek by Reebok delivers comfort for extended periods that wearers can walk all day in these.

Reebok Aztrek Comfort

Stain magnet

It has been reported that the suede, fabric, and mesh upper Reebok Aztrek tends to get stained easily.

Impressive construction

Some sneaker enthusiasts noted that this sneaker has a great build. It also turned out to be one of the most sought-after dad shoes on the market.

Reebok Aztrek Built

The Reebok Aztrek's remarkable versatility

According to some, the Aztrek is among the Reebok sneakers that carry a versatile style perfect for everyday wear and athleisure.

Reebok Aztrek Versatile2

An old-school style that magnets the eye

When it comes to what makes the Reebok Aztrek stand out, it has to be the fact that everything about the OG sneaker is kept as precisely as it is. With a bold upper, the asymmetrical suede overlays, and mesh underlays, the Aztrek returns with a bang with the 90s style that retro kids and kids at heart will love. In fact, some sneakerheads expressed their admiration for the shoe's old-school appeal. It has also been reported that the Reebok Aztrek drew a lot of compliments from people. 

The sneaker comes in different colorways. Initially, it was re-issued with the OG white and solid teal color, and the OG chalk, collegiate royal blue with the bright rose option, but varying choices were also offered. Also available on the market are the white and black Reebok Aztrek, a black and white one with solar yellow accents, and a white option with solar orange. There is also a nice skull grey tint with hints of digital blue; another skull grey option but this time, with acid pink and collegiate royal blue accenting the sneaker; and lastly, a black version with an attractive solid teal and aubergine hint on the upper.

Reebok Aztrek Style2

A handful of fashion-forward-thinking wearers have agreed that the Aztrek is perfect for elevating one's outfit. For style, it’s almost automatic that the Reebok Aztrek can be paired with an outfit that somehow embodies the 90s style well. Think oversized shirts paired with shorts for women, while men can rock the kicks with a vintage windbreaker and jeans. Indeed, the possibilities for pairing are endless with this sneaker.

Reebok Aztrek Style

Somewhat heavy

According to some owners, the Aztrek sneaker from Reebok feels a bit heavy which is mainly because of its bulky silhouette. 

Reebok Aztrek History

The Reebok brand was initially named J.W. Foster and Sons, a family company created by Joseph William Foster back in 1895 in England. J.W. Foster and Sons focused primarily on selling sneakers. When 1924 came around, the brand’s sneaker gained fame when Olympians began wearing its products at the 1924 Summer Olympics.

Fast forward to 1958, and the company decided to go for a name change, ultimately going for Reebok. The name derives from the Afrikaans word “rhebok,” a type of fast-moving African antelope. With that, the brand entered the world of running and introduced to the public superb Reebok quality shoes that would impact the sneaker market and industry well into the new millennium.

Reebok Aztrek History3

Running-inspired shoes that defined Reebok back in the 90s is the Reebok Aztrek. This low top was initially released in 1993 and was recently re-issued in July of 2018, and understandably so as the chunky retro craze is definitely back in full swing.

Despite being originally a trail running shoe, the sneaker also fits into the lifestyle category of the sneaker industry, delighting sneakerheads and fashionistas alike. It returns with all the original features, such as the Hexlite cushioning and the outsole that is both studded and rugged. A fan favorite, the Reebok Aztrek is a must-have for those who love retro sneakers.

Reebok Aztrek History4