Who should buy the Red Chili Voltage LV

This highly downturned shoe is made specifically for bouldering pursuits and sports climbing, whether indoors or outdoors. It is engineered with components that enable wearers to scale 90-degree verticals (a.k.a. faces) and overhanging terrain.

Who should not buy the Red Chili Voltage LV

The Voltage LV is one of Red Chili’s aggressive rock climbing shoes. Its midsole-powered heavy downturn offers a combination of surefootedness and precision over tiny holds (think micro-edges and crystals). Since it gives the forefoot a considerable squeeze, its provision of comfort is mostly limited to single pitches.

Red Chili Voltage LV notable features

  • The Red Chili Voltage LV is designed to provide focused power on the wall without straining the foot. It is built on a low-volume last, hence the LV in its name.
  • To give it a breathable interior, Red Chili shoemakers furnished the Voltage LV with a perforated tongue. For surface traction, on the other hand, they opted to give the shoe a Vibram outsole.


Red Chili’s Voltage LV is a unisex shoe with a below-the-ankle collar line. Despite being a low-volume piece, its interior is roomy overall—all thanks to the last round in which it was built. It is also an asymmetric rock shoe, which will more or less force the foot to bend inward.

As an offering with a synthetic upper, the Voltage LV may not yield a lot when it comes to stretch. Senders can achieve a secure and personalized lockdown in it using the shoe’s Velcro strapping system.

Enhanced traction on most surfaces

Sticking to a wide variety of surfaces is among the Voltage LV’s primary objectives. To that end, the featured rock climbing shoe uses Vibram’s XS Edge outsole. This 4.5-mm thick component is based on a rubber compound that delivers enhanced traction on most surfaces, be they naturally rocky or man-made.

Provides climbers with ample underfoot support

The Voltage LV can keep its downturned shape indefinitely thanks to the RC-Tension midsole. The main purpose of this component, however, is to provide climbers with ample support underfoot.

Enhanced hooking and lateral grip

Housing the foot in the Red Chili Voltage LV is a hard-wearing synthetic upper. It comes with triple the pull loops for on-and-off assistance. Its heel, arch, and forefoot are all sufficiently randed to grant the climber the right amount of hooking and lateral grip.

Heavy-duty Velcro closure

A pair of straps and heavy-duty buckles make up the Voltage LV’s Velcro closure. Red Chili designers built the straps in opposing directions for added security. They also made the attached points wider for extra configuration options.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 245g
Technology: Synthetic, Vibram
Closure: Velcro
Downturn: Aggressive
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Synthetic
Last Shape: Asymmetric

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