5 users: 4.8 / 5
Weight: Men 245g
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Aggressive

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6 reasons to buy

  • According to several users, comfort is fantastic in the Red Chili Voltage 2.
  • This exemplary rock climbing shoe is an edging powerhouse, a small number of testers claim.
  • Based on a few reviews, toe hooking is one of the Voltage 2’s strongest suits.
  • Its supportiveness is nothing short of amazing, say less than a handful of wearers.
  • The sturdy build of this shoe is incredible, claims a moderately experienced climber.
  • An owner finds the fit of the Red Chili Voltage 2 quite accommodating of wide feet.

1 reasons not to buy

  • This is among Red Chili’s more expensive (a.k.a. premium) climb-centric offerings.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, the Voltage 2 is one of the brand’s most comfortable rock shoes. That said, outside plushness, the gear in question is also an enticing product when it comes to support and dealing with tricky edges.

This toe-hooking wonder, however, is far from being a budget-friendly climbing shoe. Overall, despite its priciness, the Voltage 2 is a magnificent piece, thanks to its impressive collection of send-worthy traits and capabilities.

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-The Red Chili Voltage 2 is built with heel-hooking efficiency in mind. As such, it comes with a redesigned heel cup, which provides a locked-in fit around the heel. This updated part of the shoe also promises to eliminate dead space.

-It is a downturned piece that grants a safe and secure ride through treacherous routes, especially where chips and other micro-footholds are present. It has adequate breathability thanks to the Voltage 2’s knit tongue.

Downturn. The Voltage 2 from Red Chili is equipped with a highly downturned toe zone, making it an aggressive rock climbing shoe. With it, climbers can tiptoe their way to the top with sufficient precision minus the pure reliance on leg work and technique. Comfort-wise, aggressive kicks such as the featured shoe favor single-pitch projects.

Applications. Sport and bouldering are the types of climbs for which the Red Chili Voltage 2 is engineered. It is a tool capable of scaling overhangs and vertical faces alike. Climbing enthusiasts may use it both indoors and outdoors.

The Red Chili Voltage 2 is a unisex rock shoe with a low-cut ankle cuff. It is built around a type of last that makes its confines wide enough for broad-footed individuals. Its sock-like construction promises a bunch- and pressure-free fit.

In it, a bit of pressure is expected around the arch, thanks to its asymmetric or bent interior. Since the shoe in question is a mostly synthetic offering, it might stretch only a little with regular use. Its revamped closure system provides fit adjustability and security.


Midsole. Underfoot support is sourced from the Voltage 2’s RC-Tension midsole. Its adequately stiff build allows the shoe to keep its downturned state for as long as possible.

Outsole. In the area of stickiness, particularly from under the foot, the Red Chili Voltage 2 relies on its Vibram outsole, called XS Grip. It is a two-layered rubber component with an overall thickness of 4.5 millimeters.

The fuzzy low-top upper of the Voltage 2 is synthetic. It comes with a breathable tongue made of knit fabric for extra comfort. On and off become a relatively easy experience with the shoe’s pair of synthetic pull tabs.

Red Chili designers covered its rear zone with a sticky rubber rand for heel-hooking adhesion. They also furnished its forefoot with enough randing, the inner side of which serves as the shoe’s toe patch, to supply users with sufficient toe-hooking grip.

All things upper in the Voltage 2 is rounded out with the shoe’s Velcro closure. It consists of a pair of hook-and-loop straps engineered with an offset design for even more fit combinations.

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