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              Steve Madden Cole - White
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              Steve Madden Fenta - Grey Fabric
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            Steve Madden brand overview

            Best Steve Madden Sneakers
            Best Steve Madden Sneakers - May 2019

            American businessman and fashion designer Steve Madden launched his eponymous brand in 1990, after raising an investment of $1,100. He began creating his designs at a factory in Queens, New York. His unique and innovative looks quickly set him apart from other brands.

            The company became a sensation among men and women, especially among teenagers, due to its funky and trendy styles. Today, Steve Madden sneakers have become a part of fashionistas’ wardrobes, their functional designs making them sought-after.

            What fans mostly say about the brand’s shoes is that they are eye-catching and inspired, making them distinctive, with the signature Steve Madden touch.

            Most Popular Steve Madden shoes by category

            Steve Madden sneakers can be categorized according to collar height: low-topmid-top, and high-top. In the following list, the most sought-after kicks from the brand are grouped accordingly. Additional facts are included, which consist of the price range, color options, and sizing.

            Low Top

            Steve Madden Attack

            Anyone with a fast-paced lifestyle can find a friendly footwear solution that is also stylish in the Attack from Steve Madden. It has a timeless sporty silhouette complemented by smart details. It’s also well-cushioned so that the shoe will keep one’s outfit on point without hindering comfort.

            The upper is made up of a combination of PU, elastic, mesh, and neoprene materials. Synthetic material is used for the lining as well as the sole. A one-inch heel height keeps the foot grounded and well-supported. It’s a worthy option from the Steve Madden shoes catalog.

            Additional facts:

            • This model comes in a bold white colorway with black accents on the midsole and laces.
            • A midfoot black elastic strap gives the sneaker a striking appeal.
            • Women’s sizes from 5-11 are available, including half sizes.
            • Its price is set at a budget-friendly $89.95.

            Steve Madden Becca

            The slip-on Becca lets wearers step out in style. It’s a lace-less sneaker that’s covered with trendy touches, including an extra-thick sole in a platform design. There are also perforations all over the upper for a sporty appeal.

            Additional facts:

            • Black, silver, and white are this sneaker’s color variations.
            • Women’s sizes from 6-11 are offered.
            • It has a budget-friendly price of $79.95.

            `Steve Madden Belle

            Among Steve Madden sneakers, the Belle model is distinct in that it is full of decorative details. It is also elevated by a flatform sole, making this sneaker suitable for fashion lovers. Additional stylish details include edgy studs and sporty stripes, along with a luxe texture and pony hair material on the surface. 

            Additional facts:

            • This shoe is available in colorful options: Rainbow Multi, Plaid, Leopard Multi, and White Multi.
            • Human-made pony hair is used in this shoe. The platform sole is measured at 1.25 inches.
            • Sizes are offered in women’s 5-11.
            • The price is set at $89.95, making this model budget-friendly.

            Steve Madden Memory

            With Steve Madden shoes, anyone can make a fashion statement. The Steve Madden Memory model from the brand is a prime example. It’s a lace-up shoe with exaggerated proportions and a stylishly pieced upper. As a result, the sneaker delivers a fresh-off-the-runway flair. 

            One’s athleisure game will be leveled up with this shoe, which puts a spring in each step. Depending on the colorway, the upper material is made up of leather, leather/textile, leather/suede/pony hair, or PU.

            Additional facts:

            • Many color options are available, including White Multi, Leopard Multi, and Iridescent.
            • This sneaker bears a Made in Italy label.
            • Women’s 6-11 are offered for this model.
            • The price range is from $99.95-$119.95, depending on the chosen variation.

            Steve Madden Antics

            The Antics shoe from the Steve Madden sneakers catalog is a joy for sneakerheads. It incorporates on-trend accents such as an extra-thick sole, mesh paneling, and a striking elastic band on the midfoot. The result is a flattering yet casual sneaker that can give a boost to any street style outfit.

            Additional facts:

            • There are many color options for this model, including Silver Multi, Camouflage, and Printed Fabric.
            • Women’s sizes ranging from 5-11 are offered.
            • It was released at a budget-friendly price tag of $89.95.

            Steve Madden Arctic

            The Steve Madden Arctic is made for both working out and hanging out. One's favorite athleisure style can be enhanced by this selection from the Steve Madden shoes collection. It has a sporty-chic appeal that's covered in fashion-forward details. An elastic band wraps around the sneaker's midfoot, while cutouts and mesh paneling elevates the edgy flair.

            Additional facts:

            • There are a lot of options for color, such as Rose Gold, Camo Multi, Taupe Multi, and Burgundy Multi.
            • The sizes are in women’s 5-11.
            • It was released at a price of $89.95.

            Steve Madden Beale

            With a textured and stretchable knit upper, the Beale shoe from the Steve Madden sneakers collection is meant to fit one's foot like a second skin. Its rubber flatform sole also adds a spring in every step wherever one may go. This slip-on could be worn with ease, making one quickly ready to take on the streets in a stylish manner.

            Additional facts:

            • The color selections for this model are black, grey, blush, white, and olive.
            • It comes in women’s sizes, from 5-11.
            • Its price is a budget-friendly $59.95.

            Steve Madden Belle-F

            The sporty Belle-F from the Steve Madden shoes catalog has a faux fur trim detail that adds a level of sophistication to the shoe. This trendy touch has a fancy appeal that could appeal to fashionistas. It’s a statement sneaker that can let wearers take up their street style up a notch. 

            Additional facts:

            • It comes in a White Multi colorway.
            • Women’s 5-10 are offered.
            • It was released at a price of $89.95.

            Steve Madden Bertie

            1990s minimalism is showcased in the Steve Madden Bertie. It’s a prototypical platform model among Steve Madden shoes, featuring a cool and old-school look. It will complete one’s sporty-casual style with clothes such as fitted mini-skirts and crew-neck sweatshirts. Boosting one’s confidence and style is made easy with the shoe’s 1.5-inch platform.

            Additional facts:

            • Black and white are the color options for this sneaker.
            • Women’s 5-11 are available.
            • It’s a budget-friendly shoe at its price of $59.95.

            Steve Madden Cane

            Nostalgia is the showcased in the running-inspired Cane shoe from the Steve Madden sneakers collection. It has a throwback silhouette reminiscent of jogger kicks, proving that style only gets better with age. Soft leather is used on the upper, completed by the one-inch heel.

            Additional facts:

            • With a retro color palette, the shoe is available in Brown Leather, Olive Leather, and Grey Leather colorways.
            • This model comes in men’s sizing, from 7-13.
            • It has a slightly expensive price of $139.95.

            Steve Madden Cliff

            Function and fashion come together in the Cliff shoe – a standout model from the Steve Madden sneakers catalog. It has a collaged design in its construction, completed by its playfully exaggerated appeal. With its mixed prints, 2.5-inch heel, and color blocking, this shoe is made for both the streets and the fashion runway.

            Additional facts:

            • Many color options are available for this sneaker, including Camo Multi, Bright Multi, and Olive Multi.
            • It's found in women’s sizes, ranging from 5-11.
            • Its price tag of $99.95 makes it affordable.

            Steve Madden Ecentrcq

            A fierce attitude is at front and center in the Ecentrcq slip-on shoe. It has a quilted leather upper, a rubber outsole, and a one-inch platform sole, showing off the unique signature style of Steve Madden shoes. This shoe's eye-catching vibe should be perfect for pairing with knee-high printed socks, a tank top, and a pleated mini skirt.   

            Additional facts:

            • There are several colors for this shoe: grey, white, nude, black, and black/black.
            • Women’s sizes from 5-11 are offered for this model.
            • It’s a budget-friendly sneaker at $59.95.

            Steve Madden Glen

            The Glen model is made to be one’s go-to sneaker for those laidback, casual days. It has a pieced suede and leather upper that means it will only get better as time goes by. On either side, the shoe sports two-toned stripes for a distinctly sporty touch, just like the best Steve Madden sneakers.

            Additional facts:

            • White and navy are its color options.
            • It’s available in men’s sizes, from 7-13.
            • At its release, it was sold for $79.95.

            Steve Madden Hank

            Achieving a sleek style is easy with the Steve Madden Hank shoe. It’s a lace-up model with a faux leather upper, showcasing an ultra-clean aesthetic that will suit many different occasions. It also has a one-inch platform sole that adds a spring to one’s step, a signature style of Steve Madden sneakers.

            Additional facts:

            • Two color variations are offered: black with a contrasting white sole and a monochrome bright white option.
            • Men’s 7-13 are available.
            • Its retail price is $89.95.

            Steve Madden Jed

            Subtle tonal accents and matte surfaces give the Steve Madden Jed an ultra-tasteful vibe. It’s ideal for those looking for a leisurely pair of kicks, offering comfort and style all at once. With its simple yet smart aesthetic, this shoe is a worthy option from the Steve Madden sneakers catalog.

            Additional facts:

            • Navy, Sand, and Burnt Orange colorways are offered for this model.
            • Its upper is made up of washed nubuck, giving it a unique look.
            • Men’s 7-13 sizes are available.
            • It retails at $79.95.

            Steve Madden Kings

            The Steve Madden Kings is made for those who rule streetwear styles. It has a standout middle panel that features a shimmering design, giving its all-black palette just the right amount of a flashy touch. It also has a one-inch heel, featuring the trademark platform look of Steve Madden shoes.

            Additional facts:

            • Purple Multi and Camouflage are this shoe’s color options.
            • It’s offered in men’s sizes, ranging from 7-13.
            • It has a price point of $89.95.

            Steve Madden Matty

            Matty has been hailed as one of the best kicks in the Steve Madden sneakers collection. It has a soft upper detailed with eye-catching zigzag designs, delivering not just comfort but a quirky style. PU and knit materials are used for the top, while the lining is made up of twill fabric, all sitting atop a one-inch heel.

            Additional facts:

            • Black, grey, blue, and red are the colorways released for this sneaker.
            • This shoe is made in men’s sizes, available in 7-13.
            • It has a price of $59.95.

            Steve Madden Momentum

            Featuring a bright white palette, the Momentum from Steve Madden keeps things fresh with a pop of color at its collar. Just like many models in the Steve Madden sneakers range, this lace-up model is heavily cushioned for comfort, letting one feel like walking on clouds. With its leather and vinyl upper along with a 2.25-inch heel, it’s as durable as it is funky.

            Additional facts:

            • It comes in White/Pink and White/Yellow options.
            • This shoe is Made in Italy.
            • Women’s 6-10 are offered.
            • It has a retail price of $99.95.

            Steve Madden Polar

            Cool is the word that could come to mind with the Steve Madden Polar, which has a color-blocked design. It’s made with neoprene material to give it a modern look and feel. It also has an extra-thick, 1.5-inch rubber sole. This detail is designed to provide a springy and soft feel with each step, as Steve Madden shoes are meant to do. Contrasting trims outline the model’s well-constructed detailing.

            Additional facts:

            • There are many color options for this, including Rose Gold, Silver, and Burgundy.
            • It comes in men’s sizing, from 7-13.
            • Depending on the colorway, the shoe has a price range of $69.98-$99.95.

            Steve Madden Ridge

            The Ridge sneaker is designed to infuse one’s athleisure outfit with an eclectic touch. It’s a lace-up shoe that mixes different prints, contrasting colors, and varying textures, resulting in a fashion-forward appeal. It also has a chunky 2.5-inch heel for an added boost, a signature detail of many Steve Madden sneakers.

            Additional facts:

            • Colorful options are offered for this shoe, such as Silver Multi, Camo Multi, Yellow Multi, Black Multi, and Bright Multi.
            • Men’s sizes from 7-13 are available.
            • At its price of $119.95, this model is considered to be affordable.

            Steve Madden Route

            Trendy and comfortable is how the Steve Madden Route has been described. It has also been hailed as a cool choice for active individuals. With its cushioned construction and color-blocked piecing, the shoe is meant to embrace the feet while adding a stylish accent for any outfit. It has a two-inch heel and is made with synthetic materials, making it a funky entry among other Steve Madden sneakers.

            Additional facts:

            • White, Multi, and Teal are the colors to choose from for this sneaker.
            • Men’s 7-12 are available.
            • Its retail price of $139.95 makes this shoe slightly expensive.

            Steve Madden Russell

            A texture-blocked upper design along with exaggerated proportions make the Russell shoe a tasteful and unique option in the Steve Madden shoes men’s collection. It’s also well-cushioned and has an extra-thick sole to offer a stylish and comfortable feel for any season. Additionally, it has a 1.5-inch platform and a two-inch heel, elevating it to sophistication.

            Additional facts:

            • Black, White, Grey, and Multi are the color options for this shoe.
            • This model is Made in Italy.
            • It’s made in men’s sizing, ranging from 7-12.
            • With a price of $99.95, this sneaker is reasonably priced.

            Steve Madden Smart

            The straightforward lace-up Steve Madden Smart was jazzed up with appliques and embellishments, leveling up the look. This quirky option among women’s Steve Madden shoes proves that glitz and glamour can still be balanced with comfort. Its neat white surface is the perfect canvas for studs, patches, faux pearls, and glittery stars.

            Additional facts:

            • This model only comes in White Multi.
            • Women’s sizing is available, ranging from 5-11.
            • At $89.95, this is a budget-friendly shoe.

            Mid Top

            Steve Madden Baltic

            The Baltic is designed to enhance any sporty outfit. It has a tongue-less design along with an elongated shape, making it an ideal option among trendsetters. Its upper is made up of neoprene, suede, PU, and mesh materials. Like many platform Steve Madden sneakers, this model has a 1.25-inch heel. 

            Additional facts:

            • Black, Olive, Grey Multi, and Multi are the colors to choose from.
            • It’s in men’s sizes, ranging from 7-13.
            • It has a budget-friendly price of $89.95.

            Steve Madden Coin

            The Coin model is part of the Steve by Steve Madden collection, a special line of Steve Madden sneakers designed by the eponymous founder of the brand. True to Madden’s style approach, this shoe has an eye-catching three-inch heel and a leather upper, giving it a classic appeal.

            Additional facts:

            • Grey Nubuck and Black Leather options are available.
            • Women’s sizes from 6.5-10 are offered.
            • At $129.95, this sneaker comes at an average price.

            Steve Madden Fabs

            A minimalist approach is used on the Fabs model from the Steve Madden sneakers range. It has a simple knit upper, a chunky rubber sole, and an elongated shape that makes it look classic yet super stylish. It also has a sporty appeal, boosted by its one-inch heel and fabric upper.

            Additional facts:

            • Navy and Black are the colorways of this sneaker.
            • Women’s 6-10 sizes are available.
            • It retails at $89.95.

            Steve Madden Flow

            Flow is another trendy model from the Steve Madden sneakers section. Like many of the brand’s offerings, the shoe is made with overstated proportions, heightened by a mixed-material construction that makes it look cool and exceptional. For its upper, the model is built with neoprene, mesh, suede, and PU materials. It has a supportive 1.25-inch heel.

            Additional facts:

            • Wearers can choose between Bright Multi and Camo Multi for this sneaker.
            • It comes in women’s sizes, ranging from 5-10.
            • At $99.95, this shoe offers value for the money.

            High Top

            Steve Madden Anton

            Anton is designed as a sporty alternative to old-school boots. It offers comparable coverage while maintaining functional details, such as an ultra-comfortable sneaker sole. The three-inch inner wedge is hidden, secretly lifting and flattering the legs to give them a long and elegant look.

            A zipper runs vertically along the shoe, giving it a stylish edge among Steve Madden sneakers. There is also a mid-foot tie-up that wraps around the model, while three metal eyelets are near the midsole to offer ventilation. 

            Additional facts:

            • Black Leather and White Leather are the options for this sneaker.
            • Women’s sizes are available.
            • Its retail price tag is $89.95.

            Steve Madden Alpine

            The trademark flatform rubber sole of Steve Madden shoes is enhanced by the faux-fur lined suede material of the Alpine model. This cold weather style essential keeps the wearer snug with its lace-less design. It also has a hidden two-inch wedge heel for a boost of height along with a 1.25-inch sole.

            Additional facts:

            • Users can choose between Taupe Suede and Black Suede for this model.
            • It comes in women’s sizes.
            • The sneaker offers value for the money at its price of $99.95.

            Steve Madden Catch

            With its suede upper, fabric lining, and synthetic sole, the Catch shoe from the Steve Madden sneakers catalog offers style and function in one. Its unique details include a functional inner zipper and a three-inch hidden wedge, complete with a one-inch platform. 

            Additional facts:

            • This sneaker is offered in black, taupe, and olive.
            • Women’s 5-11 sizes are available.
            • It has an affordable price point of $99.95.

            Steve Madden Champs

            Dual ventilation is offered by the Steve Madden Champs, which has shaft cutouts that offer a breezy feel. There are also utilitarian snap closures to enable the wearer to put on the shoe quickly. Its camouflage counter adds a fresh and fashion-forward touch, a signature approach for Steve Madden shoes.

            Additional facts:

            • Olive, navy, and tan are the color options for this model.
            • Men’s sizes were released for this sneaker, ranging from 7-13.
            • At $99.95, this shoe is reasonably priced.

            Steve Madden Chaos

            An eclectic fashion statement is offered by the Steve Madden Chaos, a high-top shoe for any occasion. It comes in printed, textured, and spiked designs that maximize visual impact. It's a head-turner, tending to spark conversation with others through its unique styling.

            This offering among Steve Madden sneakers is perfect for those who want to stand out while walking around. An inside zipper functions well in putting the shoe on and off.

            Additional facts:

            • This sneaker is available in Blue Multi and Red Multi.
            • Men’s 7-13 sizes are available.
            • It comes at a price of $109.95.

            Steve Madden Crescent

            A classic style gets glammed up in the Steve Madden Crescent. It's a lace-up sneaker with a luxurious look, yet it's balanced with a laidback feel, offering maximum comfort. The shoe is covered in sparkling embellishments, giving it an instant glitzy flair. Like many Steve Madden shoes, it also has a one-inch platform sole for support. 

            Additional facts:

            • Grey Satin and Black are the colors for this model.
            • It’s in men’s sizing, ranging from 7-13.
            • At $139.95, this shoe is slightly expensive.

            Steve Madden Dixon

            The Steve Madden Dixon balances an edgy look with an opulent feel, featuring a plush velvet surface that is embellished with black spikes. It’s also done in a dark color palette, adding drama to the already eye-catching look. This high-top option from the Steve Madden sneakers line could be a show-stopper, perfect for those who don’t want to go with the flow.

            Additional facts:

            • Its colorway options are Black Blue and Black Camo.
            • Men’s 7-13 are offered.
            • It has an affordable price of $99.95.

            Steve Madden Forest

            Although the Steve Madden Forest comes in a camouflage design, it’s not meant to blend in or disappear in the background. Its iconic pattern looks rich amidst the shoe’s soft suede upper. Such details as a solid contrasting toe and color-blocking only enhance the effect. This item from Steve Madden sneakers is attuned to those who want to showcase their natural wild self.

            Additional facts:

            • Its color is Green Camo.
            • Men’s sizes, from 7-13, are offered.
            • It retails at $99.95.

            Steve Madden Garrson

            Snug and sporty, the Steve Madden Garrson is one of the brand’s comfiest offerings. Its suede upper is lined with faux fur, delivering cozy warmth. Additionally, it has a 1.25-inch platform that is made to add a spring while one is walking, a characteristic detail of Steve Madden shoes. There are inner and outer zippers that provide functionality and convenience along with edgy detailing.

            Additional facts:

            • It comes in several colorways, such as Camouflage, Burgundy Suede, and Tan Suede.
            • Women’s sizes are available, from 6-10.
            • It was released at a price of $99.95.

            Steve Madden Hawk

            The Steve Madden Hawk has a shimmery design set against a matte black upper, making it as tasteful as it is unique. There are spikes running down the back side of the shoe, giving it an exceptionally stylish vibe. An inner zipper enables the wearer to quickly put it on and off, making this a convenient option among Steve Madden sneakers.

            Additional facts:

            • There are two options for this model: Purple Multi and Camouflage.
            • It’s made in men’s sizes, from 7-13.
            • At $119.95, this is a reasonably priced sneaker.

            Steve Madden Quilts

            A quilted design on its faux leather upper lends a classic vibe to the Quilts model from the Steve Madden sneakers category. It makes for a sought-after street style shoe, featuring a high-top design that speaks of deluxe tastes. The unique design could be paired with such casual yet luxurious staples as a cashmere hoodie or a fleece sweater. 

            Additional facts:

            • Black, Cognac, and White are this shoe’s color variations.
            • Men’s 7-13 are offered.
            • It’s a budget-friendly model at a price of $89.95.

            Steve Madden Riot

            The Steve Madden Riot is aptly named, with its tiny rhinestones that form a reptile-like pattern. It offers an exotic appeal with its luxurious detailing that will radiate a shimmery effect once it hits the light. Additionally, it has a one-inch heel like many Steve Madden sneakers and is made with a canvas upper.

            Additional facts:

            • This sneaker is offered in Black Gold and Black Silver.
            • It’s made in men’s sizing, from 7-13.
            • Retailing at $129.95, this model is averagely priced.

            Steve Madden Wanda

            A premium suede upper lined with faux fur instantly lets the Wanda shoe from the Steve Madden sneakers collection stand out. It promises a supportive fit with its rubber sole, offering a snug style for any day. A convenient side zipper allows easy entry. Meanwhile, a 2.25-inch hidden wedge adds a boost of height and stylish confidence.

            Additional facts:

            • It’s available in Black Suede and Grey Suede.
            • Women’s sizes were released, ranging from 5-11.
            • It has a reasonable retail price of $99.95.

            Collaborative shoes from the Steve Madden brand

            Steve Madden is fond of collaborating with other stylish individuals from such creative industries as the music world and beyond. For its ladies’ footwear section, the label has partnered with artists and style stars such as Cardi B, Iggy Azalea, and Keyshia Cole. It has also collaborated with bloggers Peace Love Shea and the Blonde Salad. All of these partnerships have resulted in unique high-heeled shoes.

            Meanwhile, for Steve Madden sneakers, the also has a couple of collaborations to show off. Below are the lifestyle footwear partnerships that the brand has undertaken so far.

            GQ x Steve Madden

            In 2017, GQ magazine teamed up with the brand to bring forth the ultimate fall collection for men, giving them more options when it comes to footwear. Seven silhouettes were produced, from suede zip ankle boots to traditional oxfords and Steve Madden sneakers. Sleek accessories were also included in the collection. For sneakers, the partnership created a few.

            • GQ x Steve Madden Slip-On. Simple does it in this minimalistic and straightforward slip-on shoe from the collection. It is priced at $100.
            • GQ x Steve Madden James Suede Sneaker. Featuring lush colorways such as the camel coat, this model is ideal for pairing with khaki shorts or chinos for a preppy style. It has a rich suede upper and was released at a price of $140.
            • GQ x Steve Madden Andre Lace-up Boot. This classic leather lace-up sneaker features a traditional boot style combined with a contrast rubber lug sole. It's functional and stylish and retailed at an expensive price of $230.

            Ja Rule x Steve Madden: Maven x Madden Collection

            American rapper Ja Rule had an exclusive collaboration with designer Steve Madden for the pre-fall season of 2015. Low-top and high-top Steve Madden sneakers done in suede and leather were featured, with edgy details such as metallic accents, skeletons, and handcuff eyelets. These symbolize the obstacles that both the rapper and the designer had to go through.

            • Maven x Madden Venturre. A quilted design is featured on the tongue and heel, along with perforations on the lateral sides. This $165 sneaker has a neat look and comes in white, olive, and black colorways. It has flat laces, gold eyelets, and a lace clip with MM branding.
            • Maven x Madden Aliance. This $195 high-top sneaker features an ankle strap, perforated toe, and a bulky tongue. Its silhouette has a retro appeal that’s fit for an edgy street style approach.
            • Maven x Madden Vanquish. Golden eyelets and a perforated toe add distinctive details to the luxe leather upper of this high-top model. The Maven x Madden branding is debossed on the tongue. It comes in grey and red colorways and retails at $195.
            • Maven x Madden Infinate. At a price of $195, this high-top has an eye-catching protruding tongue that sports a golden key. It also has a quilted design done in all-black leather, along with a padded collar.

            20 Interesting facts about the Steve Madden brand 

            Steve Madden is considered a noteworthy company, molded by the man behind the name. For many people, the Steve Madden brand conjures up images of unique and stylish kicks designed for individual expression.

            Although Steve Madden sneakers don’t command the same influence and exclusivity as those from such brands as Isabel Marant and Gucci, it can be said that the brand’s accessibility is central to its widespread charm.

            To know more about the company, here are some interesting facts about its history.

            • In 1990, American fashion designer Steve Madden started his company by selling his self-designed shoes out of the trunk of his car.
            • When it comes to his creative and unique designs, Steve Madden took inspiration from his New York roots and the rock and roll music of his teens.
            • A year after establishing his business, Steve Madden introduced a platform shoe with a chunky design. It turned his company into an overnight sensation and redefined the lifestyle shoe category
            • The brand’s first boutique was opened in 1993 in Soho, New York City.
            • Steve Madden launched his men’s collection in 2001.
            • In 2002, Steve Madden sneakers were named as the second most sought-after by teenagers, just behind Nike. The brand would hold this distinction until 2009.
            • Businessman Steve Madden has had a history of criminal convictions. He was involved with the fraudulent brokerage house Stratton Oakmont, which helped his brand with its initial public offering.
            • The Steve Madden brand is featured in the film The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio who plays real-life former stockbroker Jordan Belfort. The movie depicts the various securities fraud that Stratton Oakmont had been involved in, which Steve Madden was entangled with.
            • The scandal ended with Jordan Belfort ratting out Steve Madden and the others who profited from the illegal activities of the brokerage firm. While Belfort cooperated with authorities and was given 22 months in federal prison, Madden refused and was sentenced to 31 months in jail.
            • Despite his troubles, when Steve Madden was released from incarceration in 2005, his company quickly rebounded, increasing its revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars.
            • Steve Madden and his company have since turned around. He has been involved with various charities such as The Doe Fund, which helps those that are stuck in criminal activities, addiction, and homelessness.
            • The Steve Madden brand proved its web dominance in 2007 when it was named as the fifth most sought-after brand online behind Nike, VansUGG, and Adidas
            • In 2008, the company launched Steve Madden Music. A then-unknown Katy Perry performed during the debut at the brand’s Ludlow store. Other partners over the years include Lady Gaga, All American Rejects, Chester French, and K’naan.
            • Footwear News named the brand in 2009 as the "Company of the Year." Steve Madden would receive the same award again in 2011.
            • Steve Madden’s headquarters are currently based in Long Island City, New York.
            • Today, there are around 120 Steve Madden shops in the United States, in addition to 250 stores across different countries.
            • Steve Company, Ltd. owns several other brands apart from Steve Madden, including Steve by Steve Madden, Stevies, Big Buddha, Mad Love, Madden Girl, and Freebird by Steven.
            • In 2015, the company had a $1.4 billion revenue.
            • Steve Madden has since stepped down as the CEO of his brand. Today, he remains as the company’s Creative and Design Chief.
            • Apart from lifestyle Steve Madden sneakers, the brand sells fragrances and handbags as well as accessories such as sunglasses, beanies, mittens, scarves, and more.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            How does one style Steve Madden sneakers?

            Shoes from the Steve Madden brand feature different styles and looks, all of which are inspired by and edgy approach combined with classic sensibilities. As such, they could be highly versatile, providing a standout appeal that will make others turn around and take a second look.

            • For the ladies, the kicks could be paired with jeans, leggings, capri pants, and joggers for any casual day. Complete the look with a crop top, t-shirt, sweatshirt, pullover or tank top.
            • For more dressed-up occasions, the sneakers could also be paired with dresses or skirts for a funky flair, especially when it comes to the ones with platform soles.
            • Men would do well to pair the brand’s shoes with jeans, shorts, pants, slacks, chinos, and more, depending on the occasion to dress for. Button-downs, shirts or t-shirts should complete any casual look with Steve Madden sneakers.

            How durable are Steve Madden shoes?

            Given its price, users have attested that footwear from Steve Madden lasts for a good long time, looking well even after a year on. The shoes also tend to have chunky soles, giving them a more durable structure, ranging from one inch to more than two inches.

            What is the aesthetic of Steve Madden casual sneakers?

            As Steve Madden himself has stated, he was inspired by his background in New York and by his exposure to rock n' roll music and culture. As a result, his sneakers have a unique look that is distinctly his own, featuring urban inspirations and points for street style. These elements are combined with classic touches to balance the shoes' appeal.

            How comfortable are Steve Madden shoes?

            According to wearers, Steve Madden sneakers are pretty comfortable, depending on the style of the shoe. Models with platform soles were noted to be lightweight than expected, but they do need to be broken in. The brand does not offer much in the way of shoe technology to improve fit and cushioning, but its kicks have still been well-received.

            What are the most effective ways of cleaning Steve Madden sneakers?

            For leather shoes, the Steve Madden brand recommends keeping them well-polished to keep the material soft. Dirt could be wiped away using a damp cloth. Fabric Steve Madden sneakers, on the other hand, should be washed by hand and air dried at least once a month. Suede models should be brushed using a suede brush or sandpaper.

            Are there celebrities who are fans of Steve Madden shoes?

            Ever since Steve Madden has become a well-known fashion designer, celebrities have been drawn to his brand and the shoes he has on offer. These people include Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, Alessandra Ambrosio, Taylor Swift, Kate Bosworth, Rihanna, and many more style A-listers.

            Where can one buy Steve Madden sneakers?

            Steve Madden footwear could be bought at the Steve Madden website itself, or at other online retailers such as Amazon, Nordstrom, Macy's, 6 pm, Dillard's, Zappos, and many more. For in-store purchases, there are over 120 stores across the U.S. alone, while there are around 250 more in different countries around the world.

            Are Steve Madden shoes eco-friendly?

            Most Steve Madden sneakers do not feature an eco-friendly construction. However, the brand has been known to use vegan leather in some of its styles, including accessories and shoes. 

            What are the materials used in Steve Madden kicks?

            Shoes from the Steve Madden brand are usually made up of leather, suede, canvas, mesh or synthetic materials. Often, the models could be made with a combination of these, resulting in a pieced upper that looks edgy and unique.   

            Where are Steve Madden shoes made?

            The brand does not disclose its list of factories, but it could be safe to assume that Steve Madden sneakers are made in Asian countries, just like other brands. In addition, the company also has a Made in the U.S.A shoe line. 

            1 best Steve Madden sneakers

            1. Steve Madden Fenta
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