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  1. Any color
    Under Armour Curry 3 Low - Grey Grey Red 289
    Under Armour Curry 3 Low - Black Aluminum Charcoal
    Under Armour Curry 3 Low - Blue
    Under Armour Curry 3 Low - purple blue 540
    Under Armour Curry 3 Low - Black Ath
    £130 £69 Save 47%
  2. Any color
    Under Armour Curry 7 - white
    Under Armour Curry 7 - Black
    Under Armour Curry 7 - Blue
    £150 £61 Save 59%
  3. Any color
    Under Armour Curry 3 - Green
    Under Armour Curry 3 - Purple
    Under Armour Curry 3 - Black
    Under Armour Curry 3 - Blu Giallo
    Under Armour Curry 3 - Grey
    £150 £71 Save 53%
  4. £140 £54 Save 61%
  5. £140 £99 Save 29%
  6. £140 £58 Save 59%

Under Armour’s signature line for Stephen Curry sells so well. In fact, business analysts from all over the nation consider the line as UA’s current bread and butter. This is a logical conclusion especially that the value of Under Armour’s stocks has been observed to rise and fall together with the surges and falls of the sales of Curry basketball shoes in the market.

The line’s success shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Numerous bloggers and expert testers have a lot of good words for the Steph Curry shoes. They say that the kicks just deliver on many, if not all, of its promises. As they say, the monies go to whoever or whatever provides value. We will talk more about this in a bit more detail below.

However, many believe that the Curry sneakers are popular not only because of how good of on-court performers they are but also because of the man himself. Curry has become a pop culture phenomenon, drawing large crowds wherever he goes. Some go to games very early just to see him do warm-up exercises with his team. Surely, his following and relevance extends far beyond the basketball court. Of course, it follows that the bets on the apparel that bears his name come not only from fans who adore Stephen Curry the athlete but also from those who adore the man-with-the-boyish-looks that he is.

Stephen Curry: The Man Behind It All

best stephen curry basketball shoes
Best Stephen Curry basketball shoes - December 2019

Wardell Stephen Curry II, or Steph, is the eldest of the three children of former NBA player Dell Curry and his wife Sonya Adams. Sonya is also a powerhouse athlete, having been in Virginia Tech’s volleyball team during her college years. In fact, some sources credit her for instilling in her children, especially Steph, the discipline every good athlete needs.

Steph’s boyish looks and charm did not always spell a good narrative for him. In spite of having a stellar basketball record in high school, he did not get recruited by any of the top colleges and universities near him. Even Virginia Tech, his parents’ alma mater, only gave him an opportunity for a walk-on tryout. He was just “lightly recruited,” as his father puts it. He eventually enrolled in Davidson College, a small school near his home.

His time in Davidson proved to be fruitful. For two consecutive years, he held the South Conference Player of the Year title. He also became Davidson’s top scorer after setting a record number of points that up to this day remains unbeaten. It was also during his time in Davidson that he was able to join USA’s national team for the 2007 and 2010 FIBA Basketball World Championships, where they won silver and gold respectively.

These honors and records, together with a lot of others, secured for Steph the seventh overall pick during the 2009 NBA Draft and a $12.7 million rookie contract with the Golden State Warriors.

His early years as a professional basketball player are dotted with numerous achievements. He finished second place overall for the Rookie of the Year title, qualifying him to be part of the NBA All-Rookie First Team. He also won in the 2011 All-Star Skills Challenge.

Though faced with some hiccups along the way, Steph eventually contributed significantly to the success of the Golden State Warriors against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2015 NBA Finals. He was also named the season’s MVP. In the next season, he led GSW up to the Finals where they faced the Cavs for the second time. GSW lost the championship title to the Cavs. Even so, Steph still earned the MVP title for the second time in a row.

The Golden State Warriors eventually reclaimed the NBA championship in the 2016-2017 Season, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 4 against 1.

In 2018, Steph was chosen as the captain of one of the teams that will play during the All-Star Weekend. As captain, he is tasked to pick his teammates from a roster of about eight players who were voted by fans, media partners, and fellow NBA players to be all-star game starters. Among the 2018 ASG starters are Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics, Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans, James Harden of the Houston Rockets, and Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors.

The Top Curry Shoes and the Techs that Make Them Great

Steph is now the face of Under Armour, and reports say that the company’s finances rely significantly on the rises and falls in his illustrious basketball journey. How Steph ended up striking lucrative deals  with Under Armour is an interesting story.

Like majority of basketball players in the NBA, Steph was with Nike in the early days of his career. He came at a time when the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant dominated the Swoosh’s roster of greats.

Steph’s boyish looks, again, cost him the limelight. Nike was said to prefer looks that literally and figuratively dominate the court. Naturally, the company did not seem to see so much value in his rather child-like gaze and frame. There are reports that not being slated for a Nike-sponsored basketball camp left a bitter taste in Steph’s mouth.

The final straw was drawn during a pitch meeting with Nike officials in Curry’s home. The corporate guys presented their plans, but the PowerPoint presentation that they used contained Kevin Durant’s name. This unprofessional faux pas sourly indicated that recycled materials were being presented, ultimately sending the message that Steph did not deserve a unique proposal.

It was 2013, and perhaps Nike’s bland treatment of Steph is nothing surprising. Though already recognized for his skill, Steph was neither an MVP nor a champion. His team was not as catchy as James’s or Bryant’s. Basically, he was still an underdog, and Nike was just not in the business of grooming underdogs. But Under Armour was, and them finding and eventually having Steph on board is a pivotal point in their corporate history.

Steph’s father says that being the underdog has always been part of Stephen Curry’s story.  He recalled how it was difficult for his son Steph to be recruited by a good college basketball team. But several analysts note that Steph thrives on proving people wrong. It appears, this is what he did, does, and will continuously do.

Steph’s signature line is among the most profitable today. Generally, the whole line bears some of UA’s most celebrated technologies. This collection of Curry sneakers repeatedly features the Charged foam because Steph enjoys and benefits a lot from its functions. The uppers of these Stephen Curry basketball shoes use Speedform and Threadborne at some points. Learn more about the individual releases under Steph’s line by going through the following list:

  • Curry 1. The first of the Stephen Curry basketball shoes has Charged and Micro G in its midsole. The upper is made of light materials. The combination of these elements create a shoe that serves the “unguardable” Steph well. It makes quick cuts and changes in directions so easy for him. Steph debuted this model on his home court on January 9, 2015.
  • Curry 2.  Like the Curry 1, the Curry 2 has Charged in its midsole. Its upper makes use of a technology called SpeedForm, which makes the shoe flexible enough to accommodate an ankle brace. The herringbone on the outsole completes the Curry 2 experience.
  • Curry 3. Because Steph really likes how Charged feels on the foot, the third in the line of Curry basketball sneakers also has  Charged in its midsole. It also has herringbone on its outsole. Its new technological offer will be the use of the Threadborne on the upper. This technology makes use of high-tension threads to offer high levels of breathability and support, basically what fast players like Steph need.
  • Curry 4. By far the latest in the series, the Curry 4 departs from the pattern set by the previous three releases. Designed to be sleek and fast, it boasts a slimmer silhouette that comes primarily from its contoured upper that is made of a knitted material. This sits on a sculpted foam midsole. For effective stopping power, the outsole features a cross-concentric traction pattern.
  • Curry 5. Sad to say, the Curry 5 seems to be the least favorite of wearers and reviewers in Stephen Curry’s line. However, these Under Armour basketball shoes are reported to be the best-looking Curry shoes ever. It was released on March 14, the birthday of the Golden State Warriors’ guard. Only 314 pairs of the Under Armour Curry 5 are released. Built for optimum speed and agility, the shoe comes with an EVA midsole that has Anafoam in the forefoot lateral wall and heel to secure the foot. The comfortable knit upper delivers a 360-degree fit and feel. Instant stops and quick cuts are supported by the overlapping circle and square traction pattern.
  • Curry 6. 2019 started with plenty of UA Curry 6 news circulating on social media and the rest of the basketball sneakers community. Many have praised the basketball shoes' on-court performance. Given Stephen Curry's 2.3-mile run each game, the Curry 6 is designed more like a running shoe for lightness and quickness. The responsiveness, explosiveness, impact protection, and court feel are all provided by the shoe’s  full-length HOVR cushioning. The Speed Plate gives torsional support and stability. The outsole features a combination of parallel lines on the lateral side, and a cross-hatched pattern on the medial side. The Curry 6’s upper is made of a full-length knit textile. It is breathable and has fuse overlays on high-wear areas for durability. However, all these good qualities are watered down by reports of issues with the shoe’s rubber outsole. These Under Armour basketball shoes currently have four colorways for sale.

The Minds Behind the Curry Sneakers’ Designs

Stephen Curry had his first signature shoe in 2015, or roughly two years since he signed with Under Armour. The line now has four major releases.

During the creation of the first three Curry sneakers, Steph is presented with multiple designs, and he just says yes to the ones that he likes. His involvement is taken to the next level during the creation of the Curry 4. The team now takes the time to talk to him about what he wants, and his preferences become the needed stimuli for the design, which will still go through Steph for final approval.

The following are the Under Armour designers who are responsible for the success of the  two-time MVP’s line of Curry basketball sneakers:

  • Dave Dombrow. According to his online profile, Dave Dombrow is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Early in his career, he worked for Nike and Puma. As Senior Vice President of Design, he oversaw the creation and release of the first two Stephen Curry basketball shoes. In early 2016, he announced that he is cutting ties with UA to move to Nike. However, less than three months later, he made another announcement that he will be with Under Armour again, this time as its chief design officer.
  • Kort Neumann. Like Dombrow, Kort Neumann is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design. He co-founded a design firm and later on worked for the highly revered Three Stripes as a senior designer. He is currently a senior manager for footwear design at Under Armour, and he is credited for spearheading the team that worked on the last two Steph Curry shoes: the 3 and the 4.

Stephen Curry Basketball Shoes: The Stories that They Tell

It’s no secret that Steph is a Christian, a proud and devoted one at that. He has been very outspoken about it, referencing God or the Bible whenever the opportunity arises be it online or during interviews. He believes that his hooping talent and the popularity that comes with it are to be used to spread his faith. True enough, his whole signature line is advertised under the Charged by belief slogan, which of course has obvious nods to his Christian faith.

Given all that, it is not anymore surprising that the Stephen Curry basketball shoes contain both obvious and non-obvious biblical references such as the following:

  • “I CAN DO ALL THINGS”. On the inside part of the tongue of the Curry 1 in Home and Away colorways is a quote that reads “I CAN DO ALL THINGS.” Once misunderstood as an egoistic reference to Steph’s confidence in himself, this phrase is actually the beginning of Philippians 4:13, which reads in full: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Steph himself says that this is his mantra, the one that makes him play and live life the way he does. This quote also appears on the heel of the Curry 4.
  • 4:13. As a nod once again to Philippians 4:13, the Curry 1 has 4:13 on the lace loop at the center of the tongue.
  • Romans 8:28 (in morse code). The outsole of the Curry 3 has a hidden message. Within the wide grooves are morse codes for letters and numbers that spell out Romans 8:28, which reads: “All things work together for those who love and serve the Lord.” Steph shares that this is the verse that his mother Sonya sent to encourage him during the early stages of his college basketball career.

Aside from the Christian references, Stephen Curry basketball shoes also feature elements that pay tribute to Steph’s family life and team values. These are the following:

  • SC30 Logo. The  SC30 logo is the most ubiquitous element in Stephen Curry basketball shoes. Of course, it is an obvious nod to Steph’s initials and jersey number. This can also be construed as a tribute to his father, Dell Curry, who also wore jersey number 30 during his NBA career. Steph has a brother, Seth Curry, who is also an NBA player. He also wears jersey number 30, and he plays as a guard for the Dallas Mavericks.
  • MMTB and LEAD. The Home and Away colorways of the Curry 1 has MMTB and LEAD respectively on their lace tips. MMTB stands for “make my team better,” which represents Steph’s dedication to continuous improvement. This mantra is further referenced in the way the colorways of the Curry 4 are named—More Rings, More Magic, etc. He says that while today is already an achievement, there is still so much to be explored and uncovered. There is more to gain, and the only way to get them is to be better.
  • Trust, Commitment, Care. Steph has at least four tattoos, and the one on his left wrist is the number 30 and TCC, which stands for trust, commitment, and care. These are the values that Steph lives by as a team player. Some sources that these values have associations with the Wildcats, which is Davidson College’s basketball team. This idea is further reinforced by the fact that Trust, Commitment, and Care appeared on the outsole of the Curry 3 in TCC colorway, which is a release that pays tribute to Davidson.

Dates to Watch Out For

Stephen Curry is Under Armour’s premier athlete, and there are a lot of very good reasons for this. He is a two-time NBA champion and a two-time NBA MVP. He has also qualified to four All-Star Games. His international tours are very much anticipated and very well-attended. Very clearly, he has this huge following that serves as a potential market for shoes and other apparel that are associated with him.

Most certainly to take advantage of the clamor for Steph, his signature shoes are usually unveiled or released during important NBA events. The Curry 1 was made available to the public on Febuary 13, 2015, just two days shy of the February 15 All-Star Game. The other three mid-top Curry sneakers are released in October when the NBA season opens.

While the October release dates are in many ways strategic, it’s also interesting to look at how anticipation for these lace-up Curry basketball shoes was made to build up. The Curry 2 was first worn by Curry in a mini camp for Team USA. It was unceremonious and there was not significant media coverage, but the shoe’s incognito debut effectively fanned curiosity and excitement, sparking conversations online. The same can be said of the Curry 3, which was first sighted on Steph in one of the Golden State Warriors’ ordinary practices a few weeks before the NBA 2015-2016 Playoffs.

The fourth in the line of high-caliber Stephen Curry basketball shoes deviates a bit from the example set by the second and third. Steph was first sighted wearing this shoe in the first game of the NBA 2016-2017 Finals, which was of course a very publicized event, especially that the Golden State Warriors was to battle for the third time with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  

In between these four major releases are special ones that only make the clamor for the shoes more pronounced. Usually, a few months after each of the main Curry basketball sneakers’ debut is the release of their equally great low-top versions.

There were also times when the special releases bore changes not only in looks but also in technological offerings. As an example, Under Armour dropped the Curry 3ZER0 in May 2017, or just a few months after the Curry 3’s October 2016 release. This model is known to many as the 3.5.

More for Less: Stephen Curry Basketball Shoes for Sale

At less than $150 upon release, Steph Curry shoes are surely not the most expensive signature basketball signature shoes out there. We’ve seen costlier items such as the Air Jordan XXXI and the Nike Kobe A.D. NXT, which are priced at around $200.

Still, there is happiness in getting more for less, no matter how cheap or expensive the original price is. The following are some of the dates and periods when we most probably have Stephen Curry Basketball Shoes for sale:

  • New Year. Plenty of resolutions and promises are made almost every new year, and more often than not, the list will have fitness-related items on top of it. There are those who commit to run more, train more, and simply just do more. For sure, athletic apparel will figure significantly in these people’s to-buy list. Because of competition among brands, Curry sneakers and other items are most likely going for considerable markdowns. They are going to be great training partners because even the great Steph exercises in them.
  • Release Dates. For sure, the newly released items are going to be the priciest in any shoe  store’s roster. So why is this point here? When a new shoe is released, the prices of the ones that immediately precede it might go down. The hype and clamor will be around the new guy at this time, so the old ones need to make noise in some other way to get noticed. If you are not so particular with being up to date all the time, then older models of Steph Curry shoes will work just as well for you, especially if you get them with significant discounts.
  • Spring. The fair weather during the months of spring, which usually starts in April, makes it easy for many to decide to go active. Fun hiking, brisk walking, light jogging, running in challenging terrains, or even just casual strolling in malls and parks become go-to activities. Of course, you would need good shoes for them. Stephen Curry Basketball Shoes for sale are surely good options.
  • Black Friday and the Christmas Rush. Black Friday is the day that comes right after Thanksgiving Thursday, and it traditionally opens the Christmas shopping season in many places. For  sure, shoe brands are going to compete not only with each other but also with other product categories. Athletic shoes are not the only good gift items, right? During this time, sellers make special pitches, and these offers oftentimes involve considerable price reductions. At least during this period, haggling is a skill that can be put to rest.

Looking for Stephen Curry basketball shoes for sale is not always an easy task. It may involve a whole deal of waiting to let the hype pass. With this, it’s clear that it’s either you give up more money or you give up more time. But given the technologies that the Curry sneakers come with and the positive reviews that they generally get even from shoe experts, it’s still going to be a good deal either way.


How much is Stephen Curry’s shoe deal worth?

When Stephen Curry first signed with Under Armour, his contract was worth around $4 million per year. This was in 2013. In late 2015, Curry was spotted in a party for Under Armour’s most important stakeholders and investors. He had with him a signed contract that says he will stay with the company up until 2024. How much the contract costs, no one knows. But Under Armour says that part of Steph’s compensation will be shares in the company. This really is a well-deserved equity. Steph has been significantly instrumental in the rise of Under Armour’s stocks, anyway.

Can I customize my Stephen Curry Shoes?

Under Armour offers Icon, an online platform that allows users to add their personal touches to their favorite shoes, including some Curry sneakers. This platform has three major tools that allow users to upload images that are to be printed on the shoe, choose the patterns that they like, and pick the colors that best suit them. Aside from some Curry basketball sneakers, a handful of football cleats are also available for customization.

Which Stephen Curry Basketball Shoes have bible verses on them?

All Curry basketball sneakers have bible verses on them. Steph sees it as his mission to use his popularity to spread his faith. In fact, his whole signature line is advertised using the Charged with belief motto.

Philippians 4:13, Steph’s favorite biblical verse, is referenced in various forms. It is sometimes printed under the tongue or on the heel, such as in the case of the Curry 1 and the Curry 4 respectively. The Curry 2 takes it a little bit further. “I can do all things.” is printed on the medial side of the heel counter, and it is in Steph’s handwriting. This is a nod to Steph’s practice of actually writing verses on the shoes that he uses in his games.

Another verse is referenced in the Curry 3; morse codes that spell Romans 8:28 are on the 3’s outsole.

15 best Stephen Curry basketball shoes

  1. Under Armour Curry One Low
  2. Under Armour Curry Two
  3. Under Armour Curry 3
  4. Under Armour Curry 2.5
  5. Under Armour Curry 3 Low
  6. Under Armour Curry Two Low
  7. Under Armour Curry 4
  8. Under Armour Curry 3ZER0
  9. Under Armour Curry 4 Low
  10. Under Armour Curry 1
  11. Under Armour Curry Lux
  12. Under Armour Curry 3ZERO 2
  13. Under Armour Curry 5
  14. Under Armour Curry 6
  15. Under Armour Curry Lux Low
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