6 best Shimano road cycling shoes

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    Shimano road cycling shoes are some of the most preferred road cycling footwear in the market today. Whatever activity you choose, from road competitions to touring and triathlons, you might find your ideal pair in Shimano’s road shoes lineup. If you want to reach the most sound and informed decision before you hit that Checkout button, keep on reading.

    Types of men’s and women’s road bike shoes from Shimano

    In general, all of the company’s footwear display a minimal aesthetic that exudes versatility and luxury. To make searching easier for shoppers, Shimano has classified its models into four categories. The categories are Road (competition), Road Touring, City Touring, and Triathlon.


    This section houses the brand’s competition-based designs. The cycling shoes under it are engineered with top-of-the-line features that aim to help the cyclist achieve their optimal performance. Apart from their sleek looks, Shimano’s road race shoes are characterized by several distinct elements.

    The footwear in this department utilizes the following upper materials: synthetic leather, mesh with TPU, and microfiber synthetic leather. Several models employ a one-piece upper design to prevent irritation-causing seams and adhesives. Closure systems applied include BOA dials, Velcro, buckle straps, and combinational fastenings of two of the mentioned types.

    Sole stiffness of Shimano road race shoes ranges between 6 to 12, while the weight runs anywhere from 243 grams to 260 grams. This weight measurement is taken using a single men’s shoe in size 42. Lastly, sizes are available from men’s EU 36 to 52, which converts to US 3.7 to 16.2.

    Road touring

    Cycling shoes that fall under this umbrella are designed for long, leisurely rides on concrete roads. Comfort is prioritized over stiffness and shedding grams. Moreover, these models employ a 2-hole recessed cleat system to make walking and exploring more effortless. 

    An example is the Shimano RT5, which weighs 317 grams per shoe in men’s 42. This particular model’s stiffness index is 5 and sizes run from EU 36 to 48, which translates to US men’s 3.7 to 12.3.

    City touring

    Shimano’s city touring shoes display a much more casual design that almost resembles casual sneakers. They are manufactured for commuting or leisurely biking to the town. Check out the Shimano CT5. This pair’s upper is available in either suede or mesh. The former weighs 342 grams while the latter with 332 grams.

    A shank plate is encased inside the midsole to provide enough rigidity while pedaling. It also features a 2-bolt cleat system for a more well-rounded pedaling experience.


    Shimano’s triathlon shoes are characterized by on-the-fly adjusting closure systems, stiff soles, fast-draining/drying upper design, and low weight. All these features play a significant role in achieving the best possible performance in the race. Some of the brand’s latest triathlon shoes are the TR500 and TR900.

    Technologies applied to Shimano road bike shoes


    Shimano’s Dynalast technology is tailored for different uses and foot width, but what it generally does is to provide a comfortably snug and supportive fit. Apart from the obvious regular and wide fit, the brand further customized it for different cycling activities.

    The racing last is engineered with optimal cleat positioning; this way, the rider is connected to the pedal most comfortably. The trail cycling shoes’ last has a fuller toe box design for mountain riding efficiency and walkability. Touring bike footwear is created with a broader volume at the ball of the foot. Lastly, the women’s last is shaped after the ladies’ narrower foot shape.

    Seamless midsole structure

    Most of the brand’s road shoes are constructed with a midsole that is connected with the upper. This reduces stack height, helping keep the rider’s foot closer to the sole. According to the brand, it also stabilizes pedal strokes and improves power transmission energy.

    Frequently asked questions

    What are some of Shimano’s ladies-specific road cycling shoes?

    Shimano provides several women-specific road shoe designs. These models are specially tailored after the needs of a woman’s foot. Female cyclists who are searching for the same performance as the male designs, but with the fit of women’s last here are some of the brand’s women’s models:

    • Shimano RC9
    • Shimano RP3

    The brand’s women lineup is available in sizes EU 35 to 44 or US women’s 4.5 to 11.2. Weight-wise, they range from 218 grams to 326 grams. The weight 

    What are some of the brand’s models with a wide fit?

    Most of Shimano’s road shoes are offered in a wide fit. These models are crafted to have more space in terms of width without sacrificing the snug and supportive fit of cycling shoes. Below are several of the company’s footwear with wide fit:

    • Shimano RP4
    • Shimano RC7
    • Shimano RC9T

    What are some of the Shimano road bike shoes and pedals combination?

    Finding the ideal shoe and pedal connection is essential for cycling competitors. When you discover your perfect combo, it could aid in achieving your peak performance. Shimano’s road shoes are designed to fit several of their pedals seamlessly. They also provide low weight and stability while pedaling.

    All of the brand’s road shoes are compatible with the following pedal models: PD-RS500, PD-R9100, PD-R8000, PD-R7000, and PD-R550.

    What are the best Shimano road cycling shoes for competition?

    The next shoes that will be mentioned are based on several ‘best’ lists. They have been tested and reviewed by different individuals and have been included in more than one list.

    6 best Shimano road cycling shoes

    1. Shimano RC901
    2. Shimano RP501
    3. Shimano RP301
    4. Shimano RC701
    5. Shimano RP901
    6. Shimano RP400