28 best Giro cycling shoes

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  1. Any color
    Giro Sentrie Techlace - Black
    Giro Sentrie Techlace - Yellow
    £260 £88 Save 66%
  2. Any color
    Giro Privateer Lace - Red 20
    Giro Privateer Lace - Olive/Gum 20
    Giro Privateer Lace - Black
    £150 £89 Save 41%
  3. Any color
    Giro Cylinder - Red 20
    Giro Cylinder - Blue/Black
    Giro Cylinder - Black
    Giro Cylinder - Black 20
    Giro Cylinder - Dark Shdw/Icebrg 20
    £160 £71 Save 56%
  4. £310 £115 Save 63%
  5. £310 £120 Save 61%
  6. £390 £207 Save 47%
  7. £360 £211 Save 41%
  8. £310 £204 Save 34%
  9. £110 £60 Save 45%
  10. £80 £58 Save 28%
  11. £260 £138 Save 47%
  12. £110 £76 Save 31%
  13. £210 £145 Save 31%
  14. £110 £75 Save 32%
  15. £90 £74 Save 18%
  16. £120 £72 Save 40%
  17. £150 £51 Save 66%
  18. £440 £321 Save 27%
  19. £200 £76 Save 62%
  20. £190 £124 Save 35%
  21. £210 £134 Save 36%
  22. £160 £98 Save 39%
  23. £110 £93 Save 15%
  24. £110 £103 Save 6%
  25. £130 £94 Save 28%

Dedicated to providing the rider with self-expression and advanced performance, Giro started out with a single man's obsession for design and unmet riding needs. The company takes pride in the fact that they never let a single detail pass inspection to supply the best gear for cycling and snowboarding. 

The brand's cycling category offers several types of cycling shoes for various riding activities. Find out more as you read on.

Types of men's and women's cycling shoes from Giro

Best Giro cycling shoes

Best Giro cycling shoes - April 2020

Just like every other cycling brand, Giro offers various bike shoe designs to cater to different cycling activities. Each company categorizes its footwear differently than the next. Giro, in particular, groups their cycling footwear in three categories: road, dirt, and aero/triathlon bike shoes. Each section consists of bike shoes with varying features for different riding preferences. 

Road shoes

In general, road shoes are known for their lightweight construct and uber stiff soles. Naturally, options are still provided to satisfy the demand from a wide variety of riding preferences. Giro road cycling shoes house a vast range of models constructed from a variety of materials and designs.

Giro offers road models for both genders, with some models available in both men's and women's sizing while others provided exclusively in a specific gender's sizing. The shoes' uppers are either constructed from microfiber, knit or synthetic textile. Most have a seamless design - either a one-piece or a welded construct - to prevent hotspots. Moreover, Giro road shoes with reflective detailing provide enhanced safety for road cyclists.

Giro's options for closure systems include BOA dials, hook-and-loop straps, lace-up, Techlace system, ratchet buckle, or a combination of two or more. In terms of price, the brand's road bike shoes start at $100 and go all the way to $500. 

Dirt shoes

This category houses Giro’s mountain bike shoes. This type of cycling shoes is engineered to withstand the rough trails of the mountains. They are relatively heavier than road shoes due to more upper protection and added lug outsoles for traction. Mountain cycling shoes are also generally less breathable.

As with other brands, Giro’s dirt shoes also come in two sole designs: clipless and flat. Which one to buy ultimately depends on the rider’s personal choice. This section also features cycling footwear with taller profiles as a higher cut provides more ankle support and protection. 

Moreover, aside from applying Vibram-equipped outsoles, several Giro mountain bike shoes can also accommodate toe steel spikes for enhanced grip on muddy trails.

Aero/Triathlon shoes

The models in this section can also be found under the road category. This is because Aero/Triathlon shoes are essentially road shoes, but feature small tweaks for triathlon races. Design details such as faster closing systems like Velcro straps and better drying and draining materials are some of the distinct triathlon shoe features.

What sets Giro bike shoes apart

Sleek and clean aesthetic

Although appearance is just a small piece of the pie, it would be a lie if we say that excellent aesthetic doesn’t sell (or at least attract). Giro’s cycling shoes are popular among enthusiasts due to their signature minimal and sleek design. Their footwear displays an uncluttered construction which provides a versatile style. Most Giro models are easy to pair with a vast selection of cycling outfits.

Exclusive technologies

Sure every brand comes up with proprietary technologies to offer its market, but each innovation provides a distinct set of advantages. Here are some of Giro's most popular leading-edge features that they exclusively offer.

  • Techlace

The Techlace system is the company’s patent-pending closure technology. It combines the advantages of both lace-up and strap fastenings. The laces and the absence of the strap’s usual companion, the D-ring, prevent pressure points throughout the top foot while the straps allow easy on-the-fly adjustments. One of the models that incorporate this tech is the Giro Factor Techlace.

  • SuperNatural Fit Kit

This footbed innovation features a classic removable cycling insole that is anatomically shaped after the foot. But what sets it apart from the typical cycling footbed is that it comes with three different arch support foams. The foams each have various arch levels labeled S, M, and L that could be attached and detached via Velcro. This kit allows the owner to explore which support level feels best and possibly eliminating the need to buy a third party insole.

The Giro Imperial road shoe is one of the many pairs that come with this innovation.

  • High Volume (HV)

Giro employs the High Volume feature to a number of their models. This innovation basically takes one of the brand’s shoes and manufactures them in a wider fit. The footwear is built on a special cycling-specific last designed to hug wider or higher-volume feet. The HV is recommended to cyclists with D-EE widths and high-instep feet.

  • Easton-made proprietary soles

The US-based brand worked in partnership with Easton to produce an exclusive outsole for Giro cycling shoes. The two companies developed two types of outsole: Easton EC90 and Easton EC70. Both versions were designed to provide a direct connection to the pedals without sacrificing comfort. All soles are engineered to be stiff in three specific zones: toe, arch, and heel.

The Easton EC90 is crafted from pure carbon fiber while the EC70 is made from a carbon composite material. This means that the EC90 is stiffer than the EC70. The Giro Empire SLX employs the EC90 version.

  • Vibram

Giro shoes tapped the world-renowned rubber company to provide traction to their footwear. Vibram rubber lugs are explicitly applied on Giro mountain bike shoes to allow the user to confidently walk or plant their foot down on slippery trails. The Riddance and Empire VR90 shoes are some of the models that feature Vibram soles.

Frequently asked questions

How do Giro cycling shoes fit?

Discussing the fit of bike shoes or any other footwear could be tricky. Every foot (and every shoe model) is shaped and designed differently, which makes explaining fit and sizing complex. Keep in mind that the following information is taken from a general orientation.

Based on the more significant part of feedback, the majority of Giro’s road footwear fits snug while the offroad models, especially the sneaker-like designs, fit true to size. Take this information with a grain of salt and make sure to try a pair before settling a purchase.

Which shoe replacement parts do Giro have in offer?

Every cycling brand provides renewable components to their clientele. These exchangeable elements help lengthen a pair’s lifespan, which in turn provides the buyer with excellent value for their money. Each brand presents different replaceable parts. Giro, in particular, has the following items to offer:

  • Techlace Laces
  • Empire Laces
  • Road heel pad set
  • SuperNatural Fit Kit

Giro vs. Shimano cycling shoes

Just like choosing between shoe models, deciding on the best cycling brand solely depends on which one suits an individual’s preferences better. Hence, before you can decide, researching and comparing is essential.

As an overview, Shimano shoes are based and made in Asia while Giro is US-based. As of this writing, Giro houses more models than Shimano, but the latter offers more categories of cycling shoes. For more specific details about each brand’s shoe designs, check out the reviews on our site.

Where are Giro cycling shoes made?

Giro’s headquarter is based in California. The company is owned by Vista Outdoors, an American manufacturer with production facilities situated all over the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This means that Giro’s shoes are produced in one of these countries. However, components are sourced in the following additional countries: New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

Interesting facts about Giro

  • The company was established in 1985 and founded by Jim Gentes, a cycling enthusiast himself.
  • Giro is well-known for its superbly designed cycling helmets. In fact, helmets are the company’s primary merchandise.
  • Jim Gentes spearheaded the overhaul of water bottles as we know it today. The brand’s current marketing director Dain Zafke shares the story of how Jim invented the wide mouth water bottles or better known today as tumblers. 
  • The brand discreetly entered the shoe market in 2010 with a four-piece product lineup. These shoes are the Giro Prolight SLX, Trans, Factor, and Espada.
  • Giro, along with several other brands, was bought by Vista Outdoors in 2016 for $400 million.
  • The brand also produces snowboarding merchandise.
  • Giro is contributing to help save the Earth by producing a recycled apparel line. This series is called the Renewed series, and products are made from reclaimed fishing nets and other ocean debris. Moreover, most of their latest styles are Bluesign approved. This means that the materials used were ethically evaluated every step of the production. 
  • One of the brand’s pro riders is Nico Deportago-Cabrera, while other athletes such as Taylor Phinney are often seen with Giros on their feet.
  • In 2018, Giro and other sister brands found themselves in the middle of a boycott. This is due to their parent company being outed as one of the largest gun manufacturers in the U.S.
  • The Giro Savix and Giro Empire ACC shoes have been included in some of the lists of best cycling shoes.

2 best Giro cycling shoes

  1. Giro Solara II
  2. Giro Manta R