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5 reasons to buy

  • The Puma TFX Sprint V4 is very comfortable, noted some runners. 
  • Several state that the shoe is highly durable. 
  • It has a great fit, remarked many. 
  • The shoe is very light, expressed numerous reviewers. 
  • Some note that the shoe provides good traction. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • The laces easily unravel, commented a few athletes. 
  • According to some, the shoe does not provide sufficient support.

Bottom line

Dubbed as the fastest and lightest shoe from Puma’s TFX Sprint series, the TFX Sprint V4 keeps young athletes as its inspiration. With the technical features of this track and field shoe, enhanced speed and support are to be expected. For its price, many customers claim that the TFX Sprint V4 exceeds their expectations.

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Good to know

Use - The Puma TFX Sprint V4 is modified to accommodate short-distance races that range from 100 meters to 400 meters. 

Spike Type - Featuring ¼ inch pyramid spikes, the shoe provides grip and traction, specifically designed for short-distance races. These spikes are removable as the shoe comes with a spike wrench. 

Spike Plate - With an eight-pin spike plate configuration, the Pebax® plate of the shoe executes flexibility and durability. It also permits maximum traction on multiple surfaces. 

  • Redesigned to be more efficient and supportive, the Puma TFX Sprint V4 features its newly modified eight-pin spike plate- designed after Usain Bolt’s running shoes. This update to the shoe allows runners to have maximum grip and traction to cater to their short-distance running events.
  • The shoe also has a newly integrated upper design composed of one-piece microfiber material. This enhances the lightness and security of the shoe. Additionally, this iteration presents a tacked down tongue on the medial side in order to keep it from sliding. 

Available in standard sizing scheme for both men and women, you can purchase a pair of these track and field running shoes with your usual size preference. 

The microfiber one-piece upper of the TFX Sprint V4 locks the down foot onto the midsole. Its traditional lacing system gives a customizable fit to the wearer for a comfortable running experience. 

Because of its goal of being the lightest and fastest shoe in its series, the Puma TFX Sprint V4 is modeled after Usain Bolt’s shoe’s eight-pin spike plate configuration. It features the same spike plate design with its Pebax® plate. It’s known for exhibiting durability and flexibility without incurring so much weight, thus maintaining the shoe’s lightweight construction. 

Just like the Nike Zoom Mamba 5, a sharkskin pattern is implemented to the heel. This is to enhance the grip to keep the runner grounded throughout different movements. 

The compression-molded EVA (CMEVA) midsole of the TFX Sprint V4 provides a comfortable and responsive cushioning to the foot. Generally, it helps promote a propulsive ride.

Cemented to the Strobel board of the shoe is its die-cut EVA sockliner. This element permits comfort and sufficient cushioning to the foot to protect it from any injury. 

The microfiber one-piece upper wraps securely around the foot to give it a lockdown fit. This upper material complements the overall design of the shoe which aims to deliver a lightweight feel when running. 

In order to avoid the tongue from sliding, the shoe features a tongue that is tacked down on the medial side. 

Furnished to the upper of the shoe is a traditional lace-up closure system. It is adjustable to promote comfort, and fit customization and allows a secure fit to the foot to prevent premature slippage.  

Some bold tribal embellishments along with Puma’s logo is added to the shoe to deliver an overall aesthetically-pleasing exterior. 


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