Size and fit

The low-top Puma Suede Platform is made exclusively for the women’s feet which offers a comfortable fit even with its raised sole. 

Puma Suede Platform Style

Those who fancy elevated soles for a voguish look and are in for vintage styles may find the high-sole Puma Suede Platform attractive. This versatile sneaker fittingly matches with everyday wear such as a turtleneck top with ripped tapered pants, plain tees with high-rise Capri leggings, and a fleece sweater with skinny jeans.

Puma Suede Platform low-top sneaker also works well with casual corporate outfits such as tailored coat over cuffed slim pants, leather jacket with a pair of straight pants, mini dresses, and tea-length skirt. The list of wardrobes that blends well with this pair of kicks goes on as it remains timeless even with an elevated sole.

Notable Features

The low-top Puma Suede continues to attract the sneaker-loving population as its velvety cover remains in fashion over several decades. Its most updated form named the Puma Suede Platform has a noticeable resemblance with the Fenty Creepers popularized by Puma’s creative director Rihanna.

Apart from the obvious suede feature, these two designs share an attractive asset that centers on its elevated sole. Its high-abrasion resistant quality extends the lifespan of this shoe. And its style, which gets updated over and over using different suede finishes and tonal colorways, continues to have an appeal to fashion-inclined women consumers.

Puma Suede Platform History

Those who were born and raised during the 1990s tend to have an instant connection to platform shoes as these pumps, from tolerable to sky-scraping thickness, were so much adored during that time.

After gradually declining its appeal among consumers, thick-soled shoes were seen making waves in the sneaker scene around 2015. That was the year when style juggernaut Rihanna dropped an explosive line of platform sneakers, the Fenty Creepers inspired by Puma’s iconic Puma Suede.

Following the successful release of the elevated Creepers, Puma kept its arsenal loaded and began dropping platform versions of its vintage yet ever-fashionable Puma Suede. Puma started to market Suede Platform varieties, which are made for women’s feet, in the summer of 2016.

With obvious inspiration from Rihanna’s elevated Creepers, the debut release of the raised Suede Platform features striking metallic toe caps surrounded by high-quality suede upper that run-up to the tongue. The side panels are stamped with equally eye-catching metallic Puma labeling.

Towards the cold season, Puma unveiled the Elemental Pack with covers done in monochromatic tones. Its brushed napped leather that covers the entire upper comes in black, gray, and burgundy colorways that befit the fall season. Its rubber soles and leather Formstrip branding match with the color of the upper.

Puma also came out with pastel-colored Suede Platform Mono Satin, where the upper is primarily made of suede. The satin detailing appears on the Formstrip label that stretches all the way around the midfoot and heel.

The Puma Suede Platform Core is another variation that carries the trademark classic suede upper and creeper silhouette. What makes this unique from the other iterations is the use of gum rubber on its elevated sole.

By looking into the vibrant history of the Puma Suede, consumers will be surprised that its original version dates back to 1968. The initial release of this shoe was for basketball that started the trend in using suede to cover the upper as opposed to the more common canvas and leather material.

Since the beginning, the Puma Suede sneakers have a rounded, sleek contour that goes with a sturdy, rubber sole. Puma recreated this suede shoe for basketball legend Walter Clyde” Frazier five years later, giving birth to another classic silhouette called the Puma Clyde.

Additional Info

  • The chunky cupsole bottom of the Puma Suede Platform cushions and literally cups” the foot. It provides heel and arch support acting as a thick barrier between the foot and the ground.
  • The thickness of its sole is 1.5 inches.


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