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10 reasons to buy

  • Majority of the reviews state that the Puma Suede Classic Weatherproof provides superb comfort.
  • A handful of purchasers mentioned that this shoe fits true to size.
  • The shoe's materials and craftsmanship are of excellent quality, based on some shoe users' opinions.
  • It is a classic model with a rich background and an established reputation in the sneaker scene.
  • The Puma Suede Classic Weatherproof is available in a number of earth-tone colorways that some have deemed to be trendy and distinct.
  • Most of the consumers find this kick to be very stylish.
  • A few wearers were happy that they get compliments every time they wear the shoe out.
  • The shoe has a water-resistant finish that could prove useful during cold and wet seasons.
  • It features reflective laces that provide visibility in low light conditions and visual appeal.
  • The Puma Suede Classic Weatherproof is claimed to be of excellent value for money by a good number of buyers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • An online purchaser said that the shoe's color looked different in photos than in person.
  • A few shoe users were frustrated that the material of the shoe's tongue is different from its upper's as it creates an uneven colored shoe as time passes.

Bottom line

The Puma Suede Classic Weatherproof shoe comes in a variety of stylishly unique colorways that could make you stand out from the crowd and elevate an outfit in an instant. This kick retains its original silhouette and materials, which provides the familiar fit and comfort people have loved throughout the years.

Moreover, its waterproof finish and reflective laces are efficient features that could be helpful in rough weather and low light conditions. This shoe’s wallet-friendly cost could be the persuading factor for that coveted purchase.

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Good to know

The Puma Suede Classic Weatherproof is available in men’s sizes only. The gentlemen can choose from sizes 4.5 to 14, while the ladies should go 1.5 sizes down from their normal shoe size. This kick fits true to size.

With its water-resistant upper and stylish design, the Puma Suede Classic Weatherproof won’t let the weather stop you from going outside and looking nice. Its classic low-top profile is easy to pair with a multitude of casual outfits, while its stylish colorways could elevate a rather boring ensemble. Pair it with shorts, jeans, or joggers and a waterproof jacket to keep you from getting wet and your style staying fresh.

This shoe's upper is crafted from a suede material with a water-resistant finish to keep your feet dry from the elements. The tongue is crafted from a mesh material that adds to the shoe's visual appeal, while round laces with reflective accents grace the center of the shoe, which allows visibility in low light conditions. Both the tongue and collar are padded for extra comfort and cushioning, while perforation detailing is placed on both the shoe's sides for breathability.

The Puma Suede was initially introduced by Puma as a warm-up basketball sneaker and was released in 1968. The shoe was deemed to be an innovative shoe during that time because it is the first basketball shoe to stray away from the usual canvas upper and utilized leather suede instead.

One of the more notable moments of the Puma Suede, which is one of the factors that helped cement its name in sneaker history, is when two young African-American athletes won medals in the 1968 Olympics. The two athletes ranked places in the competition wearing Puma Cleats, and as they were being awarded, they stood on a platform with only their socks on and their right hands balled into a fist while the other's holding Puma Suedes. The athletes did this to show support for human rights during that time, which is known today as "The 1968 Olympics Black Power Salute."

A few years later in 1973, the brand commissioned Walt "Clyde" Frazier, a basketball legend, to endorse the Puma Suedes. He received the nickname "Clyde" because he was usually seen rocking outfits that resembled the famous character in the film "Bonnie and Clyde." Frazier was known for his exceptional style, and people wanted to have a slice of his fashion sense, which prompted them to go out and purchase a pair of the Puma Suede he was endorsing.

In the 80s, the Puma Suede crossed over to that era's youth-centric urban community. The shoe's thick sole and stylish look made its way to the burgeoning hip-hop and breakdancing communities. The shoe's ability to appeal in different subcultures is what made it one of the most outstanding footwear.

With the Puma Suede's established reputation in the sneaker world, different artists, designers, and personalities wanted to put their own twist and creativity on the shoe. Some of the more notable collaborators are Rihanna, Big Sean, Solange, and Sneakersnstuff. Up to today, the brand is still releasing countless reinterpretations of the shoe.

One of these iterations is the Puma Suede Classic Weatherproof, which as its name implies, is water-resistant. It comes in trendy earth tone colorways and round laces with reflective accents.

  • The Puma Suede Classic Weatherproof is available in D Medium width.


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