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9 reasons to buy

  • A handful of reviewers think that the Puma Suede Classic + LFS is nicely put together.
  • Majority of those who left reviews express their willingness to recommend this shoe to buyers who are important to them.
  • This pair of kicks generally gets a lot of positive feedback from sneakerheads from all parts of the country.
  • Some wearers say that this pair of sneakers really is durable and can withstand the pressures that they constantly put on it.
  • Some reviewers say that there’s not much to say about the Puma Suede Classic + LFS save for its being one of the best shoes that ever came out of Puma’s doors.
  • Several wearers appreciate the neat stylishness of this pair of sneakers, adding that its very classic look makes it an easy item to match.
  • A good number of buyers agree that this pair of sneakers runs true to size.
  • Several wearers think that the Puma Suede Classic + LFS provides high levels of comfort.
  • According to some wearers, this shoe delivers so much more than what can be expected given its relatively low price.

3 reasons not to buy

  • At least one reviewer says that the Puma Suede Classic + LFS is different from the other Suedes that he owned such that it has excess plastic in the heel area that rubs uncomfortably on skin.
  • There were those who say that this pair of kicks is OK, but it’s just a little too narrow for their feet.
  • There is one reviewer who say that this shoe needs some time to break in.

Bottom line

The Puma Suede Classic + LFS is an affordable shoe that delivers so much more than what one can reasonably expect given its price. Several reviewers say that it is among the most comfortable shoes that they have ever worn.

There are some who vouch for this shoe’s durability. Of course, there are also those who appreciate its stylishness, saying that its classic Suede look gives it an air of sophistication that gets for them the compliments that help brighten their days.

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Good to know

The Puma Suede Classic + LFS is available in sizes for men and women. Should there be a need to adjust the fit of the shoe, wearers can just use its effective lacing system. The men’s sizing is from 7 to 14 while the women’s are from 5 to 11.

The upper of the Puma Suede Classic + LFS does not depart from the material and form of the original. As such, it exudes that classic feel that many appreciate not only because of its sophistication but also because of the ease that it affords them when they’re choosing outfits. 

Its neat and straightforward design is easily this shoe’s most important feature. The classic silhouette just brings about nostalgia as it continues to assert its relevance to the style sensitivities of the present.

The original Puma Suede was first seen in 1968, and it has never been away from the spotlight ever since. Its popularity is due in part to certain historic events that it prominently became an important part of. The Black Power salute made by American runners Tommie Smith and John Carlos during the 1968 Olympics is a good example of such moments. Photos of the event show the runners’ removed Suedes sharing the winning podium, giving them an immortal spot in that historically relevant moment.

Another big break given by the Jumping Cat brand to the Suedes came in 1973, when basketball’s Walter “Clyde” Frazier came to Puma to ask for wider versions of the already ubiquitous Suedes. The company immediately created a pair for him, and a multitude of replicates were distributed in the market as the Puma Clyde, which proved to be a tremendous success.

Through the years, the Suede has been transformed numerous times; on some occasions, the transformations were under the watchful eyes of such innovative designers and influencers as Solange Knowles and even Rihanna. The current Puma Suede Classic + LFS is one of the most recent releases that are aimed at wearers who are more concerned with style than performance.

  • The Puma Suede Classic + LFS has perforations that are strategically placed in the midfoot area to provide more breathability.
  • Woven to the tongue is a large Puma label.
  • The tongue is made thinner for more mobility.
  • Each pair of Puma Suede Classic + LFS comes with two sets of laces that are of different colors.
  • On the lateral side, one can find a PUMA SUEDE


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