Who should buy the PUMA RS-Curve

The PUMA RS-Curve might suit you well if:

  • You are looking for a low-top sneaker that delivers a pleasant underfoot experience.
  • A shoe that could pair well with different clothing is what you need.
  • Your busy lifestyle demands a sneaker that takes less effort to clean.

PUMA RS-Curve Logo

Who should not buy the PUMA RS-Curve

Drop the PUMA RS-Curve if what you are eyeing to have is a sneaker that could wrap your narrow foot comfortably. The PUMA Future Rider can be a good replacement. Also, folks looking for a shoe that would not drag their feet down with its weight may want to check out the PUMA RS-X and see if it fits the bill.

PUMA RS-Curve Not Buy

Step on the clouds with these

Athleisure-inclined sneaker enthusiasts tagged the PUMA RS-Curve as “super comfy." Its softness is nearly like “walking on a cloud.” Wearers also love this sneaker for its bouncy feel. “The foot springs back comfortably.” That said, this kick is a saver with its tried-and-tested, super comfy Running System cushioning setup.

PUMA RS-Curve Footbed

Five stars for the quality

Sneaker lovers are praising PUMA for giving the RS-Curve top-notch quality.

PUMA RS-Curve Quality

True to size

Sneaker buffs say the PUMA RS-Curve “fits a T.”

PUMA RS-Curve Size

Hassle-free upkeep

Buyers who are crazy over chunky shoes find this sneaker takes less energy and time to clean. A wearer even mentioned that it's “easy to wipe the dirt down” with this shoe.

PUMA RS-Curve Upkeep3

Not for narrow feet

Narrow-footed wearers consider the PUMA RS-Curve too spacious.

PUMA RS-Curve lets you play up your style

Admit it. Chunky sneakers are among the polarizing footwear trends that get tons of love from sports, fashion, and streetwear buffs. PUMA has a lot under its roster that taps the style-savvy souls. Owning a running-inspired theme in a wear-all-day package is the women’s exclusive PUMA RS-Curve. This sneaker is one of the “gorgeous” PUMA chunky sneakers that win the hearts of style-savvy ones.

PUMA RS-Curve Style

Put some curves on your RS-Curve

Its not-to-be-missed wavy design is obtainable in various colors, from muted grey and black to multi-color and metallic shades. Each color seems to be an invitation for every individual obsessing-over-fab-chunky-shoes to be playful with their daily garb. In other words, under the crazy number of thick-soled shoes, this pickup is among those that “pairs well with lots of outfits.”

PUMA RS-Curve Style2

It's kind of weighty

A wearer observed that the PUMA RS-Curve is kind of heavy.

PUMA RS-Curve Weight

Alongside its running-oriented siblings

Aesthetic appeal aside, one factor inherent in every PUMA RS sneaker is its ability to provide plush comfort given the use of the impact-absorbing RS (Running System) cushioning. Below are some of the best-selling PUMA RS kicks as dollar-saving as the RS-Curve:

  • PUMA RS-X grabs a more masculine appeal than the shapely women’s version. Its forefoot promotes better ventilation using open mesh compared to the tightly woven presentation on the RS-Curve. Both shoes come in pull tabs for easy on and off. 
  • PUMA RS-X3 comes in solid color blocking with a broader mesh arrangement than that on the RS-Curve. It isn’t only comfy but stable, too, with the use of multiple tread-patterned rubber outsole.
  • PUMA RS-Fast is among the multicolored and multi-paneled shoe choices under the RS line. It allows you the flexibility to adjust the laces to your desired fit with its ghillie lacing assembly. The same goes with the RS-Curve, which comes in a unique lacing pattern.

PUMA RS-Curve Comparison

Facts / Specs

Style: Chunky, Retro, Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: PUMA RS
Closure: Laces
Material: Mesh, Leather, Suede, Rubber Sole / Fabric
Season: Spring, Summer

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