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7 reasons to buy

  • Almost all of the owners loved how comfortable the Puma Prowl Alt Satin was to wear to the gym or for daily walks.
  • The feminine yet sporty style of the trainer delighted numerous reviewers because it went well with their gym and everyday clothes.
  • A lot of buyers liked the sock-like fit offered by the upper.
  • Multiple folks mentioned that this merchandise delivered excellent value for the money they paid for it.
  • The lightweight nature of the footwear pleased several testers.
  • Some individuals claimed it was easy to wear despite the presence of the lace-up structure.
  • A few gym-goers thought that the shoe provided great support when used for cross-training and weight training.

6 reasons not to buy

  • A minority of shoppers complained about the sizing and the fit of the Puma Prowl Alt Satin; it was short in length, but the width was wide.
  • This trainer was not meant to be used for workouts because the upper was too soft to hold the foot properly, said a small number of people.
  • The upper dismayed more than a few critics because some found it to be stiff while others were not happy that the satin section easily got wrinkled and looked unpleasant.
  • Several consumers pointed out that the photos online were misleading; they thought that this model was a slip-on shoe, but it was not.
  • The satin laces did not stay tightly tied, according to some wearers.
  • A couple of users ranted that the upper material was not breathable which caused their foot to get warm and sweat a lot.

Bottom line

The Puma Prowl Alt Satin received positive feedback for its style and comfort. It worked well for both casual and gym use. Buyers also liked that it was lightweight and priced reasonably. On the negative side, the product was short and wide compared to other Puma trainers of the same size. Some consumers were not fond of the satin portion of the upper and the satin laces. But in the end, this model came highly recommended because it was a stylish and comfortable training shoe.

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User reviews:

  • Crafted for women who do not want to sacrifice style while working out, Puma combines sportiness and daintiness in the Prowl Alt Satin model. This iteration of the Puma Prowl Alt retains the overall silhouette, but the material used in the upper has been updated. The entire upper is now made of satin, a soft and smooth fabric that gives the shoe its unique look.
  • Though the lacing system remains the same, the laces have been replaced with satin as well. The wide-set eyelets ensure that the laces properly wrap the sides of the midfoot for a secure lockdown.
  • As for the sole unit, the midsole keeps the injection molded ethylene-vinyl acetate (IMEVA) foam technology for superior underfoot cushioning. The high-wear areas of the outsole are still lined with rubber pods that add traction and durability to the unit.

The Puma Prowl Alt Satin caters to the shape of women’s feet and only comes in female sizes. Like most workout shoes from Puma, it is only available in a B - Medium width profile. The dynamic lacing system is designed to deliver wrapping support for the steadiness of the foot during explosive workouts.

The midsole of the Puma Prowl Alt Satin also doubles as the outsole. This compound is created to be durable to endure the wear and tear of cross-training. It is also flexible to promote natural foot flexion.

Hard-wearing areas such as the forefoot and the heel are reinforced with rubber pods. They protect the midsole and amplify the traction of the underside. The rubber at the forefoot extends to the front, protecting the toes from bumps during sled pushes and burpees.

The IMEVA foam is utilized for the midsole of the Puma Prowl Alt Satin. This cushioning platform is engineered to be soft to attenuate shock and prevent discomfort or injuries to the foot and lower extremities. It is flexible to accommodate natural foot movements. The unit is also devised to be responsive to thwart foot fatigue when training for long periods.

Inside is a soft foam sockliner. This component adds another layer of protection to the underfoot for heightened comfort.

The Puma Prowl Alt Satin employs a satin upper. This material is smooth and soft and provides the trainer with a delicate vibe. The inside is lined with soft foam which gives the façade its form and imparts a snug and comfortable fit.

The alternative lacing system features webbed eyelets that are spaced wide apart. The eyelets stem from in between the base of the upper and the midsole. This construction allows the laces to hug the sides of the foot when they are cinched, enhancing the lateral support.

The tongue and the collar are both lightly padded to avoid irritation to the instep and ankle areas, respectively. They also enhance the locked-down feel of the upper to avert accidental footwear removal.

How Prowl Alt Satin compares

This shoe: 90
All shoes average: 84
57 97
This shoe: £80
All shoes average: £90
£30 £290
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