Who should buy the Puma King Allround Turf

The PUMA King Allround Turf possesses standard features reminiscent of the time-honored PUMA King firm ground cleats. For one, its supple PUMA Lite leather upper caters a comfortable flex even for users with larger foot width. The leather construction delivers a time-tested and easy-to-maintain quality through its water-resistant property.

You're one to have to this pair if:

  • You're a sucker for classic cleat design.
  • You're into powerful efficient studs that would guarantee an explosive performance.

PUMA King Allround Turf logo

Explosive powerful studs of Puma King Allround

The PUMA EverTrack multi-studded Ground Control outsole makes up the base of this classic turf shoe. The studs are shaped like small flames and are densely arranged to create explosive traction on both hard and turf surfaces.

PUMA King Allround Turf outsole

In the forefoot area, a mix of gold and black studs are fashioned to mimic the theme of the upper. In the heel area, the outsole style is set to a translucent material.

PUMA King Allround Turf outsole heel

Puma's outstanding upper construction

The King Allround Turf is dominantly wrapped with the PUMA Lite leather material that is built to be highly resistant to water.

PUMA King Allround Turf upper

This makes the cleat adaptive to any weather condition. It also offers a soft, easy to break-in fit through the quilted upper design that doubles as an anti-stretch element. The leather is tainted in black with white accents on the sides particularly on the stitched PUMA Formstrip.

PUMA King Allround Turf heel

Classic, central lockdown system

The foldover tongue completes the classic package of this turf cleat. The tongue, reinforced by the central lacing system, is meant to add up to the shoe’s comfort.

PUMA King Allround Turf lace

It is also made from the same leather material used in the entire upper.

PUMA King Allround Turf tongue

Facts / Specs

Top: Low
Surface: Turf
Collection: PUMA King
Lacing System: Laced
Colorways: Black
SKUs: 26702440

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