Profile of the Puma Ignite PwrAdapt

Puma's knowledge and experience in producing sports footwear and gears made it one of the most sought-after brands in the industry. The Puma Ignite PwrAdapt is a perfect example of the combination of its best technologies. It is created to provide more traction and more comfort thanks to its Ignite Foam, PwrAdapt, and GripZone Traction.


The injection of the PwrAdapt sole system makes this part of the shoe stand out. The technology highlights a 3D innovation that adapts to the golfers' movement. It is powered by a seven-spiked outsole called Tornado cleats, which reinforces a strong and infallible grip on different types of terrain.

Each spike is also easily replaceable, which means that the life of the shoe is lengthened. While the spikes are adequate to handle the surface of the course, Puma provides the GripZone Traction, a secondary traction lug, which enhances stability and grip.


The proprietary Ignite Foam energizes the midsole of the Puma Ignite PwrAdapt. The responsive cushioning system provides excellent energy return, which propels the foot on every step and swing.


The performance mesh upper wraps this Puma footwear. While still an unconventional material in golf footwear, the breathability that it delivers trumps the traditional leather used. It is designed with a mesh bootie construction that emits the use of the tongue for heightened support, comfort, and fit. 

The upper of the shoe is also instilled with a remarkably thin PwrFrame. It is mindfully placed on areas where there is high stress so that lightweight support and stability can be achieved. 

It is also built with an Epic Tour Last. It means that its shape is granted with ample toe room with a toe-down look, to get that ideal comfort without looking like a clown shoe.

Puma Ignite Pwradapt Style

Similar to other Puma golf trainers, the Ignite PwrAdapt is made for the modern man. Dressed up as a stylish sneaker but punched with golf technologies is what this shoe is about. Golfers will undoubtedly be delighted with its versatile style that requires little to no effort. 

The PwrFrame feature also serves as an interesting accent that creates a contrast that breaks the monotony of the upper.

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