Profile of the Puma Evospeed Star 5

Use - The Evospeed Star 5 is a multi-purpose track running spike. It can yield optimal performance in both running and jumping meets. These running matches can range from 100-meter sprints all the way up to 10000-meter distance running. The track spike is also perfect for hurdles. 

Spike Type - Six removable pyramid pins are attached to the spike plate of the track shoe. These spikes are intended to dig into the track surface for maximum traction. 

Spike Plate - A six-pin Pebax® plate is equipped to the outsole. This technical element is intended for both durability and propulsion. Its spike wells are responsible for housing the changeable spike pins of the running spike for versatile traction.

Updates to Puma Evospeed Star 5

One of the updates made to the Evospeed Star 5 is the application of a tacked down tongue. This gives the track running spike a greater fit. 

For barefoot usage, the shoe features a seamless construction. This allows for an irritation-free experience. 

A die-cut EVA sockliner is embedded on the midsole. This provides a responsive and comfortable cushioning to the foot.

Size and fit

The Puma Evospeed Star 5 only runs in men’s sizing measurement. It is designed in standard width, thus women are advised to go 1.5 sizes down. This is to ensure that accurate fit and size are achieved. 

For a tight yet comfortable fit, a mesh upper is supplemented to the running shoe. The tacked down tongue of the running spike is also integral in amplifying security. Lastly, the lace-up closure allows for a  dialed-in, accurate fit.


A six-pin Pebax® plate is a combination of stiffness and durability. These qualities allow for optimized speed and protection from abrasive elements. It also maintains minimal weight to prevent drag. The distance plate also softens the impact during footstrike, disabling foot trauma. 

On the heel of the Evospeed Star 5, EverTrack rubber is strategically placed. This heightens the durability of the track shoe even further.


The midsole compartment of the Puma Evospeed Star 5 consists of EVA. This makeup allows for a responsive and cushioned underfoot feel. It is also light in weight in and in profile. 

To deliver impact mitigation, a full-length die-cut EVA sockliner is embedded within the platform. It is tasked with enhancing support and responsiveness. Moreover, this footbed allows for pronounced comfort. It is also present in the famous Adidas Distancestar.


The Evospeed Star 5 features seamless construction for an irritation-free running experience. For improved fit, a tacked down tongue envelops snugly around the foot. This construction also allows for a slippage-free platform. 

For a well-ventilated foot chamber, a mesh material wraps the foot. It has a number of perforations that let in air for a healthy foot environment. It also maintains featherlight composition. 

Lastly, a lace-up closure keeps the foot locked down in place. This is necessary for preventing unwanted shoe removal.


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