Use - The Puma Evospeed Prep Sprint is engineered specifically for sprinting meets. The overall makeup of the spike delivers unmatched performance on tracks. 

Spike Type - For optimal grip on the track rubber surface, pyramid pins are assigned to the running shoe. These spike pins are configured to offer maximum grip on the ground, powering propulsion. These are detachable and measure ¼ inch in length for ultra-light, versatile traction. 

Spike Plate - Sporting a full-length Pebax® plate, the track shoe offers durability and lightness. These qualities promote speed and comfort, optimizing the runner’s performance. The plate also houses the changeable pins of the track shoe for a multi-surface grip.

Notable Features

The design principle of the Evospeed Prep Sprint aims to offer superior grip and comfort. To achieve such a feat, the track spike is equipped with a die-cut Eco OrthoLite® sockliner. It delivers both protection and cushioning. 

Intended for a propulsive performance on the tracks, a Pebax® plate runs full-length on the outsole. Its makeup generates excellent traction and durability while maintaining lightness.

Size and fit

The Puma Evospeed Prep Sprint runs in men’s sizing measurements. It is also designed using the standard width. Thus, it is recommended for women to deduct 1.5 from their usual size preference. This is to secure an accurate fit and size. 

One of the components of the sprint spike that directly influences its fit is the die-cut OrthoLite® footbed. It permits added cushioning which improves the fit of the track spike. Moreover, the synthetic upper also plays a part—it is responsible for providing a comfortable and secure wrap around the foot.


Similar to the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3, a full-length Pebax® plate is furnished to the outsole. It has a an eight-pin configuration for multi-surface traction. The plate itself is made of a thermoplastic polymer which exhibits high-strength qualities. It also serves as an underfoot cushioning and provides a steady push-off to the runner.


The midsole of the Puma Evospeed Prep Sprint is equipped with a die-cut Eco OrthoLite® insole. This technical element sheds off some weight from the running platform with its featherlight construction. It is also very durable and is responsible for attenuating shock upon impact. More importantly, it gives the foot plush comfort within the platform.


Acting as the outer protection and wrap of the track spike is the synthetic upper. It envelopes around the foot for a sock-like fit. This, in turn, generates optimum support for a stable performance. 

The upper engineering of the Evospeed Prep Sprint sports a seamless construction. This betters comfort and promotes an irritation-free running experience.


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