Profile of the Puma Evospeed High Jump 6

Use - As projected by the name, the Puma Evospeed High Jump 6 is engineered chiefly for high jumping meets. Its componentry allows for a powerful leap from the jumper. 

Spike Type - For superior surface traction, pyramid pins are affixed to the spike plate of the jumping shoe. These pins are found in the forefoot and heel area of the track spike for a powerful performance. 

Spike Plate - An 11-pin Pebax® plate is equipped to the outsole. It keeps a good rigidity-to-weight ratio for propulsion.

Updates to Puma Evospeed High Jump 6

To increase comfort within the platform, micro-fiber and suede linings are incorporated into the design. This provides an irritation-free wrap around the foot. 

The remainder of the jumping spike’s configuration mirrors the same components from its predecessor. The track shoe still sports an 11-pin Pebax® plate for maximum momentum build-up. 

For heightened traction, sharkskin outsole runs full-length. This technology is also responsible for enhancing the high jumping spike’s durability. The same outsole element is found in the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3.

Size and fit

The Evospeed High Jump 6 is only available in men’s sizing scheme. It is designed using the standard width. For women, it is recommended to go 1.5 sizes down to acquire the precise fit and size. 

The Puma Evospeed High Jump 6’s upper targets foot conformity for security. To add to this, a lace-up closure supplements an adjustable wrap. Keeping the foot locked in place is a midfoot strap that is made out of Velcro strap. This also promotes a convenient lockdown.


The sharkskin outsole of the Evospeed High Jump 6 is tasked with delivering slip resistance. This is especially helpful in maximizing the speed of the high jumper for a robust leap. The composition of the sharkskin outsole also permits enhanced durability. 

Running full-length, a Pebax® plate houses the spike pins of the track shoe. Its receptacles are located at the forefoot and the heel for optimal grip. The plate itself keeps a featherlight composition to prevent drag.


In order to keep the weight of the Evospeed High Jump 6, no midsole components are added.


Intended for an adaptive fit, an aerodynamic synthetic material acts as the upper of the Puma Evospeed High Jump 6. It also keeps weight down at a minimum for optimized speed. 

For lockdown and security, the high jumping spike employs a dual closure system. A traditional lace-up fastening system allows for a dialed-in, accurate fit. Running across the midfoot is a Velcro strap that pushes the foot into the midsole. This disables unwanted shoe removal for safe and stable performance. 

To further the comfort within the jumping spike, micro-fiber and suede linings are implemented.


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