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Use - As the name projects, the Evospeed High Jump 3 is specifically configured for high jump competitions. It has a re-engineered construction for better grip and leaping performance. 

Spike Type - Similar to the Adidas Distancestar, pyramid spikes are assigned to the track jumping shoe. These are very light and produce superior traction on the track surface for a powerful take-off. 

Spike Plate - A Pebax® plate is configured to the outsole of the high jumping platform. It has an eleven-well design, accommodating the exchangeable pins of the track shoe. The spike plate also employs minimal weight, preventing drag from occurring.

To better the performance of the high jumper, the Evospeed High Jump 3 features a reconfigured spike plate. It is intended to better the grip of the track spike for heightened momentum build-up. 

The rest of the jumping shoe’s makeup follows the predecessor’s componentry. The outsole of the track shoe features sharkskin for added traction and slip resistance. 

For a precise and comfortable fit, the track jumping spike still features a synthetic upper. This hugs comfortably around the foot, amplifying security.

The Puma Evospeed High Jump 3 is only offered in men’s sizing scheme. It is designed using the standard width, thus women are advised to go 1.5 sizes down. 

The technical elements responsible for the fit of the high jumping spike are found in its upper composition. It sports a synthetic upper which envelopes the natural contours of the foot for optimum security. Its dual fastening system also keeps the foot in place and adds support for a stable performance.

The outsole of the Puma Evospeed High Jump 3 features a Pebax® plate that has an 11-pin configuration. It is made of thermoplastic polymer that presents high-strength qualities. With its makeup, it supplies the right amount of underfoot cushioning for comfort. This also protects the foot from any injury, especially during impact. 

The spike plate of the jumping spike is complemented by its sharkskin outsole. It is a textured rubber that runs full-length for heightened grip. It is also highly durable, allowing the jumping platform to withstand abrasion.

In order to keep the Evospeed High Jump 3’s lightness, it does not have any midsole component.

Delivering the security and lockdown of the Puma Evospeed High Jump 3 is its synthetic upper. This upper material promotes a glove-like wrap around the foot, preventing premature removal. 

To enhance lockdown, the track shoe features a dual closure system. First, it employs the traditional lace-up closure for a customizable fit. Second, it has a midfoot strap that’s made of Velcro strap for convenient fastening.

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Same sizing as Puma Evospeed High Jump 6.

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