Size and fit

The new Puma Deva Suede is available in women’s sizes, but men may grab a pair by choosing, at least, a 1.5 size bigger than usual. The silky-smooth suede upper provides more support to the foot while the chunky rubber outsoles designed purposely for better traction and grip. These features are suitable for those who have an active lifestyle.

Puma Deva Suede Style

Inspired by Tokyo's rebellious punk attitude and the chunky oversized streetwear, the Puma Deva Suede is an elevated sport-fashion kick silhouette that plays with height and materials to create a new look. The shoe combines the full Puma Suede upper with an elevated platform outsole. Its wavy platform midsole design makes it stylishly stacked. The topline tooling is a pure trainer while the sole is high fashion.

The Puma Deva Suede comes in two different colorways from luxe to black marshmallow design with a form strip of contrasting colors on the sides, which captures the beauty of classic Puma suede sneakers. The shoe goes well with casual clothes or activewear. One can also wear black to achieve a stylish punk outfit. It is suitable for those who are into punk yet want to remain classy at the same time.

Notable Features

What makes the Puma Deva Suede different from other suedes is its elevated chunky outsoles featuring a wavy accent.

Puma Deva Suede History

The Puma Deva Suede got its inspiration from the rich history and culture of rebellious Punk in Japan, which was inspired by the movement in the West back in the 1970s. Japan is well known for its more conservative culture; thus, punk music was most prominent in anti-establishment social protests.

Bands faced a lot of censorship and blockage that time, but the culture continued to grow and became more established throughout the years. Punk culture is known for “do it yourself” style around the world. In Japan, bands at this time became masters of self-promotion. Puma Deva Suede is the embodiment of millennial protest to the changing times.

Puma released its first Puma Suede back in 1968, a classic basketball sneaker made by Walter “Clyde” Frazier of the New York Knicks. It has a full suede upper and a thick rubber outsole with a smooth silhouette suede, making it different from the leather or canvas shoes released by other shoe manufacturers at the time. They remained the same for more than 50 years, with very minimal changes to fit the market's evolving taste.

Nice to know

  • The shoe comes with a lace closure for a more secure fit.
  • PUMA Formstrip at the lateral sides, giving the shoes a more sleek design.
  • The shoe includes a Metallic PUMA No.2 Logo at the side and Metallic PUMA branding at the tongue.


The current trend of Puma Deva Suede.
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