Who should buy the PUMA Cali Star

The PUMA Cali Star is perfect for those who:

  • Are looking for platform sneakers that add a bit of height while still feeling really stable
  • Want a well-priced sneaker that makes awesome outfits even chicer.

PUMA Cali Star Logo

Who should not buy it

The PUMA Suede Platform could work better for you if you’re looking for something with a grippy sole. The PUMA Carina is another good pick if you’re looking for something lightweight. The PUMA Cali Sport, on the other hand, is worth a look if you want a minimalistic PUMA sneaker with zero break-in time.

PUMA Cali Star Heel

The PUMA Cali Star: Retro tennis style with a swanky finish

PUMA Cali Star keeps wearers' hearts tickled pink with vintage-style sneakers spun with fresh and flattering updates. Versus other shoes in the PUMA Cali line,  the PUMA Cali Star features chic accents, including using metallic, floral, and animal-print accents which add flavor to simple outfits.

PUMA Cali Star Midsole

In practice, wearers of the shoe notice the difference, with one saying it is “not a typical white sneaker I’ve been seeing everywhere else.” Although a lot of commenters raved about the different outfits they love to wear with the sneaker such as skirts, blazers, and parachute pants, it was said to look really cute even with just jeans and a shirt.

The PUMA Cali Star gives a great aesthetic boost

Just like most pairs from the PUMA Cali branch, this revamped tennis shoe from the '80s gets a thickset sole from heel to toe. However, instead of the bold PUMA labeling seen at the back of PUMA Cali, this kick bears a strip of color around the heel for added charm.

PUMA Cali Star Toebox

Several testers have raved about how they add about half an inch in height. In addition, one of them loved the fact that when you have it on, you “don’t feel like you’re on a platform,” expounding that the sneaker’s stability makes it “feel like it's part of your feet.” 

The PUMA Cali Star struts with pride

Those with regular to narrow-width feet love its snug fit, with one fan saying “your foot sits really nice on the shoe,” pleased that they experienced no heel slippage with the sneaker. While wearers generally experience the need to break them in, people who shared their experiences mentioned it working out for them in a few days.

PUMA Cali Star Laces

The wait is well worth it, with one saying they “fit and feel just as great as they look.” Others praise its cushiony insole, which when combined with the thicker sole below provides a bit of a bounce when used for walking.

The PUMA Cali Star is a quality sneaker at its core

Regarding its quality, its leather was priced by a sneakerhead, saying it is “a real nice leather,” going on to say that “sometimes this is the leather you want to see on some Jordan 1s.” Another reviewer praised how it all came together, saying it has a “strong sole and stitching for an all-round solid trainer.”
PUMA Cali Star Outsole

The PUMA Cali Star is a well-priced wonder

The PUMA Cali Star retails at $80 putting it on par with the classic PUMA Cali at $80 and lower than that of the average price of PUMA platform sneakers at $90.

PUMA Cali Star Collar

Facts / Specs

Base model: PUMA Cali
Style: Sporty, Retro, Minimalist, Platform
Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Collection: PUMA Cali, PUMA Classics
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Suede, Rubber Sole

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