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6 reasons to buy

  • Puma Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD users say that the shoe is very lightweight.
  • A lot of the wearers noted that these spikes fit like a glove
  • Some athletes like the fact that the Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD has a great shoe design.
  • The spikes have a good grip on the track comments, the majority of wearers.
  • A lot of users appreciate that these spikes come with a reasonable price tag.
  • Several users also mention how they like the available colorways.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of reviewers said the Puma Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD is a bit on the expensive side.
  • One user notes that for some reason, the shoe’s build hurt his right big toe.

Bottom line

The Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD is a track spike from Puma that offers explosive speed in every racing competition. The majority of athletes swear by its comfort and great performance on the track. It is remarkably lightweight and has excellent traction, giving any serious sprinter the extra edge over their competitors.

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Good to know

Use - The Puma Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD is a track running shoe that is ideal for 100m – 400m events. It is designed for sprint runners that are looking for the right combination of comfort and maximum speed.

Spike Type - It uses the standard ¼ inch Pyramid spike pins that are strategically placed in the shoe’s forefoot area to deliver that maximum traction and propulsion. 

Spike Plate - The shoe uses the Pebax spike plate, which promotes aggressive traction for enhanced speed on the track.

The Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD is one of Puma’s top of the line sprint spikes. The shoe is a replica of Usain Bolt’s spikes when he won gold in a 100-meter event during the 2013 World Championships in Moscow. Hence the name of the shoe model.

The Puma Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD features a microfiber Clarino synthetic upper which provides a glove-like fit. This seamless upper construction minimizes irritations and allows for barefoot usage. It has an internally bonded suede and soft on-skin-feel microfiber that ensures optimum comfort, especially when worn barefoot.

The shoe uses the innovative Puma KMS-LITE midsole shoe technology. It is 30% lighter than standard EVA and reduces shoe weight up to 10%. The KMS-LITE  provides better cushioning and makes the show more lightweight for better performance.

Lastly, one of the most notable features in the Bolt Evospeed ​​Sprint LTD is the update to the Puma formstrip design, inspired by the lightning bolt.

The Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD from Puma is available in the market in men’s medium D sizing. These track spikes have been designed with microfiber synthetic upper. This gives the shoe its glove-like fit as it hugs and locks the wearer’s foot onto the plate for optimum support.

A microfiber suede lining on the inside offers a soft-skin feel for additional snug and comfort.

The shoe is finished off with asymmetrical lacing that helps customize the fit to the wearer’s liking.

The outsole of the Puma Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD features a Pebax spike plate. It holds the eight-pin configuration in the forefoot area for reliable grip and traction. This pin configuration has four in a line across the ball of the foot and another four surrounding the toes. Such pin set up helps propel the wearer quicker and with much speed.

Same as with the popular Adidas Distancestar, these track spikes use ¼ inch Pyramid spike pins. Thes spike pins dig into the track propelling the wearer forward with much speed and power.

The shoe’s outsole is also made to be very durable and robust, allowing it to take all the impact and traction.

One of the best features of the Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD is found in its midsole. It is equipped it one of Puma’s innovative midsole technology, the KMS-LITE. It reduces the shoe’s weight by being 30% lighter than the usual EVA midsoles. It is an advanced midsole material that enhances the shoe’s performance by being light on the feet.

A die-cut Eco Ortholite sockliner is also added in the underfoot for a more comfortable ride and feel. It is cemented to the Strobel boards, allowing the shoe to remain low in profile. It also acts as a shock absorption feature that spares the wearers’ joints as they strike down hard and fast.

The Puma Bolt Evospeed Sprint LTD’s upper is designed with a Clarino synthetic material that is very aerodynamic. It wraps the foot in its supple comfort while at the same time anchoring it to the plate to reduce in-shoe slippage.

A soft microfiber lining is also added to the shoe’s upper for that next to skin feel. It is very breathable and comfortable, allowing for a more enjoyable barefoot usage. 

The shoe does not only perform great, but it also looks that way with its iridescent finish for better visibility even when racing fast on the track. The iconic Puma logo is also present on the tongue, and an updated formstrip resembling a lightning bolt adds to the shoe’s flair and vibrance.

Finally, the shoe is fitted with an asymmetrical lace-closure system that offers both improved fit and comfort.


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