Who should buy the PUMA Axelion

This pair of PUMA workout shoes is likely to match your needs if you are after the following:

  • a budget-friendly trainer for moderate gym workouts
  • a sporty shoe that doubles for casual use, like walking a dog

Note: If you plan to wear this trainer casually, avoid putting it on in rainy weather as the midsole is quite thin and the fabric absorbs water instantly.

PUMA Axelion brand logo

Who should NOT buy the trainer

If you have wider feet, then the form-fitting upper of the PUMA Axelion can get tight and “squeezy.” It is a better idea to consider workout shoes that are available in Wide.

The forefoot cushioning is practically non-existent in this PUMA trainer. So, if you are planning to perform some high-intensity interval training with lots of jumps, active multi-directional movements, and sprints, you are better off with a well-cushioned workout shoe. It could be PUMA Zone XT or PUMA LQDCELL Hydra. Alternatively, we have picked out the ten best HIIT shoes from various brands to help your shopping process.

And if you want a PUMA trainer similar to the Axelion in design but more resistant to the rainy conditions, consider the popular PUMA Tazon 6 FM or the Surin 2 FM.

PUMA Axelion best use

Feels comfortable straight from the box

The reviewers are happy with the in-shoe feel of the PUMA Axelion in both the upper and the underfoot experience.

Around the foot, a secure wrap is provided by the two-toned heather knit. This material is soft and conforms to a person’s foot shape.

PUMA Axelion upper comfort

Underfoot, a substantial layer of foam is used in the heel section. This unit prevents heel pain as it reduces the shock that travels up the foot. The wearers are also happy with the memory gel insert that feels “like a pillow for your feet.”

A very welcome feature of this PUMA trainer is how easy it is to put on and take off. There are fabric loops stitched on the tongue and the back of the collar. On the tongue, the material helps contain the laces. Both tabs make it easy for the person to pull on the footwear.

PUMA Axelion loops

Secure lockdown of the Axelion

Many wearers agree that the non-conventional lacing system pulls the sides much better than the traditionally laced shoes.

This dynamic lacing system employs two sets of eyelets, punched and webbed. The punched set is situated at the instep while the webbed ones are located further down. 

The fabric loops are reinforced with a strip of a synthetic overlay. This component prevents tearing and also helps with containment during side-to-side motions.

PUMA Axelion lacing

The heel remains nice and steady in this PUMA shoe

A broad gore strap surrounds the heel of the Axelion. The brand name is clearly printed on it, but aside from being a decorative element, it also aids in heel steadiness.

There is also a rigid plastic that serves as an external heel counter. It prevents the heel and ankle from sliding around during agile movements.

The arch area is reinforced with ArchTec. This TPU shank prevents excessive twisting of the shoe, thereby keeping the heel steady during heel-to-toe transitions.

PUMA Axelion heel support

Lots of flex in the forefoot

The outsole features a split construction. Combined with the grooves on the forefoot, the segmented design allows the foot to bend easily for exercises like burpees, planks, and lunges.

PUMA Axelion flexibility

No foot-dragging in the PUMA Axelion

More than a few reviewers have commented on the lightness of the Axelion. They claim it to be one of the lightest workout shoes they have ever owned.

Nice and breathable

The knit fabric of the PUMA Axelion is described as quite breathable. It is also said to prevent the foot from getting too hot and sweaty.

PUMA Axelion breathability

An affordable workout shoe

This PUMA trainer belongs to the cheaper price tier of training shoes. With its original price of $75, it falls into the below-average range among both PUMA workout shoes (average price: $80) and workout footwear on the market in general (average price: $90).

It is a “sharp-looking” one

The PUMA Axelion indeed stands out from the crowd with its unusual lacing system, knit upper, and curious sole design.

Reviewers are happy with the fact that it can be paired with both jeans and athletic pants. It is also reported to get lots of compliments for the wearer.

Facts / Specs

Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal, Wide
Colorways: Black / White / Red
SKUs: 19348102 / 19431901 / 19494701 / 19497901 / 19509836 / 19555152 / 37719001 / 37789902 / 37791102 / 37804201

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