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10 reasons to buy

  • Propet TravelActiv Slip-on owners who have foot issues claimed that not only was it comfortable for everyday use and traveling but also helped relieve pain and discomfort.
  • The style was deemed cute by a vast majority of wearers.
  • A large number of consumers appreciated the fit — it was snug at the heel but roomy at the forefoot, allowing for toe splay.
  • The top material delighted a myriad of users; it was snug yet non-restricting and soft enough to stretch to accommodate swelling, bunions, and corns.
  • Droves of shoppers stated that they often forgot they were wearing shoes because it felt so light on their feet.
  • The slip-on style was lauded by numerous testers because it was easy to put on and remove.
  • Plenty of purchasers liked that the footwear accommodated the use of custom orthotics and pressure pads.
  • Multiple individuals said that the trainer was reasonably priced for its quality build.
  • The product provided adequate arch support, according to several folks.
  • Some persons commented that it was the perfect shoe for the summer because the upper was breathable and prevented excessive foot sweating.

4 reasons not to buy

  • The top fabric made the footgear look cheap and it was too soft to provide support, ranted a lot of critics.
  • Some owners griped that the upper material was too thin that it did not provide insulation against the cold weather.
  • The white sole used in some variants got dirty quickly, remarked a few wearers.
  • A handful of consumers wished for better colors; some were too bright in person compared to their online photos.

Bottom line

The Propet TravelActiv Slip-on was well-liked walking footwear because of its comfort. It still came highly recommended for its stylish appeal and support during long walks.

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Good to know

  • Designed for women, the Propet TravelActiv Slip-on is an easy-to-wear, comfortable walking shoe. It features lightweight materials like the nylon mesh upper which offers movement and breathability.
  • The TravelTek ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam acts as both the outsole and midsole of this trainer. This low-profile construction allows it to deliver uncompromised shock absorption. The underside also features a tread pattern that provides traction on most surfaces.

A single unit of EVA foam serves as the outsole and midsole of the Propet TravelActiv Slip-on. The TravelTek EVA outsole is crafted to be durable and withstand abrasion from walking on rough surfaces. It is also lightweight and sports a low-profile construction to afford flexibility and allow the foot to move naturally. The diamond and wavy tread patterns provide multi-directional grip on ground surfaces.

Aside from the TravelTek EVA foam, a removable cushioned EVA insole also provides shock attenuation to the Propet TravelActiv Slip-on. This element is soft to provide comfort and can easily be replaced with custom orthotics if the need arises.

An engineered nylon mesh provides a protective foot cover to the Propet TravelActiv Slip-on. This material is soft to facilitate movement and breathable to keep the foot chamber cool. Inside, the interior is also lined with nylon mesh to deliver a smooth in-shoe experience. A polyurethane (PU) overlay is used to protect the toe box from abrasion. The same material creates an external heel counter at the back to keep the rearfoot locked in place, preventing accidental shoe removal while walking.

There are no laces or straps on this shoe, but there is a stretchy gore at the instep. This component not only makes it easy for the foot to slip in or out, but it also keeps the fit snug.


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