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7 reasons to buy

  • Most of the reviews applaud the Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Select v6’s quality.
  • The triathlon cycling shoe is very comfortable, according to a significant number of wearers.
  • Plenty of the users appreciate how the footwear feels great even without socks, which makes transitioning in triathlon races faster.
  • Several people like how the Tri Fly Select v6 is very budget-friendly.
  • This pair is lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying some riders say.
  • It produces excellent power transfer, mention a couple of testers.
  • A few love the model’s rugged yet minimal design.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some cyclists claim that their smaller toes feel crushed after a long ride.
  • A small number of commenters say that the shoe is not easy to put on as they imagined it to be.

Bottom line

The Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Select v6 is a budget-friendly cycling shoe that ticks almost all of the essential features of a tri bike shoe. These features include breathability, rigid soles, sockless comfort, and excellent drainage.

It is recommended for beginner triathletes who are looking for a footgear that’s going to help them perform better without breaking the bank.

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Good to know

The Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Select v6’s design and construction took inspiration from its more expensive siblings in the brand’s tri shoe department. Despite the shoe being in the lower price spectrum, materials applied were mostly seen on mid-level tri bike shoes.

The power transfer is governed by carbon-reinforced nylon soles, while a comfortable lockdown is provided by a double Velcro closure. Lastly, design details such as numerous ventilation pockets and seamless uppers ensure a convenient and fast transition during the competition.

Efficient rigidity. This triathlon biking shoe employs the brand’s proprietary sole technology called the SELECT 1:1 Composite Power Plate along with a carbon fiber forefoot insert. This combination yields a lightweight and efficient power transfer. It has a measure of 8 out of 14 in Pearl Izumi’s stiffness index.

Breathability and drainage. To help in keeping the rider comfortable as they transition from running or swimming, this pair employs multiple ventilation pockets for airflow and drainage.

This pair’s cleat system is designed for both SPD (2-hole) and SPD-SL (3-hole) pedals. This type of cleat design is collectively called the Universal cleat system. Try pairing your shoe with the following best-rated pedals: Crank Brother Egg Beater 3, Shimano PD-RS500, and Shimano PD-M324.

Due to its universal cleat design, some indoor cyclists also use the Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Select v6 for their studio fitness sessions.

Sockless comfort. One of the primary keys to winning any race is speed. This remains the same with triathlon races. Hence, all tri bike shoes are designed for fast transitions. The Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Select v6 is crafted with a bonded seamless upper so that the athlete could eliminate the extra step of putting on socks.

With its smooth lining and breathable build, the rider remains comfortable even without socks as it prevents any rubbing or pressure points.

Smooth transitions. Equipped with double Velcro straps and heel pull-tabs, the cyclist is aided for fast and hassle-free transition onto the bike. 

This particular type of retention system design is called the Pearl Izumi’s 1:1 Anatomic Tri Closure. It is specifically designed to remove pressure from the wearer’s instep.

This footwear features Pearl Izumi’s SELECT insole design. According to the brand, it provides excellent longitudinal and transverse arch support.

The Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Select v6 is solely offered in whole sizes.


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