Our verdict

If you are looking for an excellent shoe, which is supportive and perfect for long distance running without any budget constraints then is the shoe for you – it will be a good investment long term. They are heavy, but I will continue to use them due to the reduced impact on the rest of my body. I have felt notably fresher after half marathon distance.


  • Secure foothold
  • Roomy toebox
  • Breathable
  • Great traction
  • Nicely design


  • Heavy
  • Expensive


On Cloudace review

Sixty miles and I feel like these trainers have been a huge addition to my collection. From the very first run, they have been exceptionally comfortable, foot-hugging, and have somehow improved my recovery time.



As an engineer myself, I love the design concept used by On. The idea of multiple individual springs underfoot is an interesting concept, and it does work.

I imagine the mileage limit on these trainers is quite high as this design relies on the design and not the foam itself. I haven’t got there yet, but I intend to push them to their limits.

On this shoe, there are 14 separate Clouds which vary in size and comfort, but they add to the overall cushioning. In some reviews, I read people talked about stones getting stuck between the Clouds, but this is something I didn’t experience. The only issue I encountered was a buildup of mud which was a minor inconvenience.

Excellent foothold in the Cloudace

There is a snugness to the shoes – your heel feels planted in the shoe, and no number of hills or pushing causes any slippage. The design incorporates 3D heel pads which hold the foot in.

Roomy toebox

I normally run in Nike’s and the Flyknit shoes offer little to no support around the foot. The On Cloudace’s feel like they hold your foot with the intention never to let go again.

The toe box is roomy without being too roomy. There is plenty of room for your foot to swell on those longer runs. The very front of the shoe, the mid-section, and the rear sections all have robust plastic that protects the foot.

Breathable, quick-drying upper

The sections in between are a lightweight, breathable fabric that prevents any overheating of the foot. However, all my running has been done over winter so it will be interesting to try in summer. If you run through any puddles or similar, you do find moisture coming into the shoe, but it quickly dries.

The tongue and laces work really well

The tongue is comfy and robust and tied to the base of the shoe with elastic fabric. This is another contributor to the snug feel. 

The laces feel secure and grip the foot so well. I particularly like the use of the On logo in the final lace holes of the shoe.

Grip is impressive

I’ve mainly used these shoes on canal paths and roads, but there has been the occasional muddy path or trail run. 

Overall, they have performed faultlessly – no slippage or grip loss whatsoever which, considering the minimal tread on the bottom of each Cloud, is impressive.

Great design of the Cloudace

I had the mist and stone colour and quite like the blue – the off tone colours give it a nice look which is easy to clean and, in my opinion, a nicely designed shoe. The other benefit of this shoe is that there are a few reflective features on the shoe that make running at night less of a risk.

I was also impressed with the insole. It is more significant than any Nike shoe I’ve had, and it adds to the premium feel.

Wish the shoe was lighter

There are only two cons in my mind. One of which is the weight of the shoe. It comes in, for a size 11.5US/11UK, at just under 400g which is heavy.

My running technique isn’t perfect, and sometimes my heel catches my other leg, sometimes right on the ankle. With this weight, I can tell you from experience that this hurts. The solution is not to do it but if you are like me – be careful.

The Cloudace is not cheap

The second con is the cost - at £210 these are not cheap. As premium as they feel, and without knowing the mileage limit, I’m not sure they’re worth the price point - time will tell.


Overall, I have been very impressed with this shoe. It is very comfortable and is my go-to shoe now for long-distance training runs. I have not yet decided if they are suitable race day shoes or not, but time will tell. I may end up using them at the Brighton Marathon.

I have a lot of Nike trainers, but I am so impressed with this shoe that I am considering switching my allegiance. If I didn’t have a new pair of Zoom Fly’s to break in, I would be buying a pair of Cloudflow’s to use in parallel.