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6 reasons to buy

  • Almost all of the reviewers believe that the OluKai Manoa is one of the most comfortable trainers they’ve owned.
  • This pair of walking shoes impressed many consumers in terms of durability.
  • Numerous owners have stated that they forget they are wearing them because they are so light.
  • A good number of individuals enjoy how easy this footgear can be put on and removed.
  • The arch support on this model is deemed adequate by multiple folks.
  • A lot of shoppers are delighted that the style of this product pairs well with shorts and jeans.

2 reasons not to buy

  • According to several people, the Manoa feels tight compared to their other OluKais in the same size.
  • The high back and the seam that attaches it to the quarters have caused discomfort to some users.

Bottom line

The OluKai Manoa exudes the serene feels of the island life. It is light and easy to wear, great for walking around town or exploring new surroundings. Despite loads of commendations, there were still some complaints regarding blisters caused by the heel panel. Because of the comfort it provides wearers, it has earned fans that bought multiple pairs.

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Good to know

Who is it for? The laid-back style of the OluKai Manoa is suited for anyone who wants an easy-to-wear trainer. Its simple style pairs well with beach or boat wear as well as casual city clothes. You can use it as a full-on sneaker or a slider for quick on-and-off operations.

What is it for? This pair of OluKai walking shoes is created for leisurely walks around the neighborhood or traveling the world. It is made of light yet durable materials that can keep you comfortable during extended periods of walking or standing.

Traction. The bottom of the OluKai Manoa uses rubber pods to deliver grip on different types of surfaces. They also feature island-inspired tread patterns, which adds style and enhances traction.

Shock attenuation. The primary cushioning unit of the Manoa is engineered from compression-molded EVA foam. It reduces the impact felt by the wearer.

Comfort. Sitting atop the midsole is a triple-layer EVA insole. It mimics the underfoot shape to provide full coverage and support. It is covered with a soft microfiber that has moisture-wicking property.

The footbed of this travel walking shoe is removable, allowing the use of custom orthotics. It can also be washed to prevent it from getting dirty or developing a foul odor.

Coverage. The OluKai Manoa employs a cotton canvas top. The inside is also lined with soft canvas. The use of supple fabrics ensures prolonged walking comfort.

Style factor. This OluKai walking shoe has several accents that amplify its look. It has stitchings on the front that resemble boat shoes.

Leather trimmings are also used in several places. They add a rustic vibe to the footgear. They also have the brand logo and name stamped on them.

Lockdown. A traditional lacing system secured the foot inside the trainer. However, if you need to be able to put it on in a jiff, this model sports the brand’s patented Drop-In Heel. Simply fold the back panel to change it into a slider.

  • Unlike other OluKais, this model is named after a place in Honolulu, Hawaii. This pair of sliders embodies the chill vibe and quiet neighborhood of Manoa.
  • The island vibes of Hawaii are represented in various forms in this trainer. The insole features a paisley print while the tread pattern of the outsole reminds you of the waves in the pristine beaches of the islands.
  • The Makau fish hook logo is seen on the leather overlays, the back panel, on the insert, and the outsole.


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